Quicken 2004 unable to backup data

  Edith 23:11 10 Jan 2009

Have been operating Quicken 2004 under the vista for about a year now. Have had some problems which I have sought solutiond too from the forum and by and large have been managing OK. Until today I have been able to backup the data to an external hard drive but for some reason I am now getting the message "File conflict(file already open). Please restart Quicken and try operation again". This I have done without sucess. Any adeas?


  Woolwell 23:50 10 Jan 2009

I'm afraid that this is not going to help but I have a different problem. I can back up only to one of my external hard drives. If I try to back up to another drive, including my main drive, then it tells me that I cannot access the drive (which is nonsense as every other program can). I'm sorry but Quicken seems to be buggy under Vista. Apart from the above problem I can run ok.

The only thing I can suggest is that you try to back up to another location and see what happens. If it works you can always copy the files to the external drive. I actually do this so that I have 2 back ups.

  Edith 08:21 11 Jan 2009


Thank you for your response. Have tried backing up to a disc and also a USB stick but get the same message. It seems to be the software is saying a file is already open. Cannot understand it. Have tried creating a new folder on the external hard drive but will not back up to it as it says there is this conflict. A mystery. Looks as though I am going to have to find alternative software and hope I can convert the Quicken data. Once again many thanks for your comments. Edith

  Edith 16:56 11 Jan 2009


Thought I would update you with my solution to the backup problem with Quicken. I have decided to make a copy of the file. Sounds simple and I hope it works if I ever need to recover the data. It is about the best I can think of until I can migrate to another programme like Microsoft Money but I gather that software is no longer on sale here in the UK.



  TonyV 20:05 11 Jan 2009

This was a response that I gave to someone else on this Forum when they were having problems with backing up. I apply it Quicken 2004 and MS Money 2004. As far as Quicken is concerned, when you get top the Backup window, in 1 you tell it what file you want to backup, and in 2, select Disc and put the location listed below or whatever it is for your machine. When you go out of Quicken you will get the notes telling you there are files to burn. Follow the instructions. Hope this helps.

"I think if, when you go to close out the programme, and the Backup screen comes up, click on the Options Button, then choose the Automatically Backup to HDD. Then click on Browse and go to C:\Documents and Settings\your name or computer name\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\CD Burning\The file name you want to backup.

Then you will get follow on instructions that says there is a file to be burnt to CD and put your CD in the CD Writer drive and follow the instructions to complete the backup.

That is what I do in MS Money 2004. Hopefully you will be able to do the same thing."


  Edith 20:24 11 Jan 2009


Your a genius. Just tried your suggestion and problem resolved. Many thanks. Edith

p.s Do you know if a copy of this response will go to anyone else in particular Woolwell as you will see he has tried to help me with the problem and I would like him to see your response. Edith

  Woolwell 23:43 11 Jan 2009

Edith I can see the reply but I don't understand it.

In back up I have in 1 the file I want to back up. I can select my external hard drive in 2 and can back up but if I select any other drive then I get a message saying that that it cannot be accessed. I do not get a message about a file waiting to be burnt.

  Edith 08:36 12 Jan 2009


I understand your point because I am still unable to backup to the "C" drive. What I think was my problem was that for some reason, I cannot fathom, the file I had in in 1 had become the same file I was trying to backup too! I tend to backup quicken on a regular basis and it is always so simple in that I click backup and it just happened. Somehow the file in 1 had changed and I had not noticed it. What TonyV made me do was actaully look at the file I was trying to backup and I realised what was happening. I agree on reading his comment I do not have that sequence of events. Maybe TonyV does something diffrent or he could expand on his comment. My relief is that I am now able to back up again to the external hard drive. I have also just tried as an experiment to back up to a disc and get the same message as I do when I try to backup to the "C" drive which is "Unable to access the drive etc". This is I gather to do with Quicken Launcher not working with Vists. Edith

  TonyV 09:43 12 Jan 2009

I have to admit that my comments above refer to XP and MS Money. In Quicken 2004 in XP, press the Backup button, and then when the Backup window comes up, in 1 make sure you have the Quicken file you want to have backed up shown in there, Browse to make sure you get the right location. In 2 on the same window, go to the Radio button for Disc, then use your C:\ drive as the drive you are going to backup to. (This is only a temporary thing). Then follow that C:\ with Documents and Settings\your name or computer name\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\CD Burning. In Docs & Settings there will be a computer name or your name or something very similar. Click OK and you should get the facility to backup to a CD . Follow any other instructions that come up on the screen. It works every time for me, in fact, now, when I click on Backup in Quicken 2004, the Backup Window is already filled up and all I have to do is click OK and let it do it's thing!

Hope that helps you.


  TonyV 09:47 12 Jan 2009

Just one other point, you do need the file name in the 2 box. That ends at \CD Burning.



  Edith 10:42 12 Jan 2009


Thank you for the additional information. You must think I am thick which I probably am but although I have seen document and settings on my pc before I am unable to locate it now! I thought I would just try out your process in case I get problems in the future. As I say I have resolved my issue with your help and back up to an external hard drive. Also I am running Vista Op which from other forums and intuit website gives problem to older versions of Quicken with the "Quicken Launcher" which is why I am unable to download information. Edith

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