Quicken 2004 Launcher stopped working

  Edith 11:15 25 Dec 2008

Has anyone solved the problem of the quicken launcher stopped working. I run Quicken in Vista and until recently was able to download share prices via the quick update. This for some reason has stopped working. Does anyone have a solution. I have contacted Quicken support and all they suggest is I upgrade to 2009 not appreciating that it is not sold or available to the European market!

  PO79 12:12 25 Dec 2008

From another forumclick here

Try this Right click the desktop shortcut, choose "Compatibility" and select Widows 98, it should then work.

  Edith 14:29 25 Dec 2008

Thank you for your response but have tried that but without success.


  TonyV 14:44 25 Dec 2008

I run Quicken 2004 with XP. I notice when I right click the desktop Quicken icon and go to Properties, there is a tick box there that says "Turn off advanced text services for this programme." Has this become checked for some reason?


  TonyV 14:45 25 Dec 2008

Under the Compatibility tab, that is!!


  Edith 15:21 26 Dec 2008

TonyV Thank you for your response but in Vista the option to which you refer does not appear. I have looked at other tabs but cannot find anything similar to what you refer. Nevertheless thaks again for the suggestion. I have to say I think the problem is with the Vista operating system as I never had any problems when running Quicken under XP

  TonyV 23:14 26 Dec 2008

Sorry I couldn't help then!

Hope you manage to get it sorted, though I do recall there have been problems with Vista and certain programmes.


  TonyV 14:18 27 Dec 2008

This link,
click here whilst originating from you, may well have useful advice regarding your current problem. I only add it hear since it is just about a year old, and if you are anything like me, you have probably forgotten about it!! Hope it is of use. There are also other Quicken threads in the Helproom, some of those may help as well. (Search "Quicken" and see.)

Have fun!


  Woolwell 15:30 27 Dec 2008

I run Quicken 2004 with Vista. I stopped updating share prices some time ago but your thread has prompted me to try. I can download currency updates by using Online- One step update but if I try shares it locks up. It could be because I haven't set the shares up properly but it shouldn't cause a lock up.

As you know Quicken isn't supported in UK any more. I will be looking for alternatives before too long.

  Edith 08:44 29 Dec 2008

Tony V and Woolweel.

Thank you for your time and trouble to help with my problem. I am basically going to update share prices manually for the time being. I have had a response from "Quicken support" which suggests I download Quicken 2009 even though I told them in my question that I was aware they did not support any of their "peronal finance products" in the European region anymore!!

You cannot win sometimes. I have thought about changing to Microsoft Money but understand that product is no longer on sale in the UK which I find strange. Also not sure if the old Quicken data files would convert so will just carry on as I am.

Once again many thanks.


  tanjong 15:32 09 Jan 2009

Edith - I think you will find that the Intuit people have for some reason stopped providing the share update link. They did this some time ago (after they withdrew to Canada) and then restored it. All we can do pro temps is to wait and see if they restore it again. Until then we all have the chore of updating share prices manually. It's a bind though having to check to see if it is working. It locks my machine completely and I have to use Task Manager to get out of it. The other problem is where you have entered data before checking to see if the link is working. If the prog then locks up you must to check to ensure that the data entered has been saved - sometimes it isn't.

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