Quickcam Pro9000 not retaining Settings.

  Technotiger 02:26 15 Jan 2009

Even Technotiger can't fix this one :-(

XP Home (SP3)

My Camera Settings do not remain permanent once set-up? Webcam works fine but, the Settings Window which appears alongside the Picture on PC Screen, does not maintain its contents when PC is switched off, and to regain use of the Settings means having to re-install the Software yet again. I downloaded and installed the latest Software yesterday after religiously following ALL the correct procedures, bar none, yet still again this morning when using the camera, the Settings are no longer adjustable!

The above is a complaint which I sent to Logitech via their Website, their response was simply to give me instructions, to do that which I had already done, as per my complaint!

The webcam is excellent and works great, other than this Software problem. Does anyone else have this or a similar Quickcam problem, or know of a proper fix?

TIA Guys -n- Gals.

  Technotiger 02:41 15 Jan 2009

I have just done a Repair Install (not a full re-install) of the Quickcam software, (not previously tried, nor suggested by Logitech) at this moment all is working properly.

However, the problem has always occurred after shutting down at night and then re-booting in the morning. So I am about to shut-down for tonight, in the morning I will try the software again - I will do another update then.

Nite-nite all!!

  Pamy 10:48 15 Jan 2009

Do you have a program that sweeps your computer on shutdown, this may clear your settings

  Technotiger 10:54 15 Jan 2009

Hi Pamy, no I don't have anything like that at all.

I had to do the repair-install again this morning after start-up. I am continuing to look for a solution - Logitech Technical (Sic) Experts have been no help.

  Pamy 11:01 15 Jan 2009

Can you install it on another computer to see if it is the same, just to narrow it down a bit?

  Technotiger 11:29 15 Jan 2009

Afraid not, I only have one Desktop PC.

  Technotiger 11:57 15 Jan 2009

I have also noticed that the Sound settings section of the software is incomplete, see my click here, there should be other setting adjustments showing in the bottom half of the section window .... ??

click here]

  Pamy 12:40 15 Jan 2009

Do you think a full removal and a fresh install might be worth a try?

  Technotiger 12:55 15 Jan 2009

I have just this moment finished doing just that (I un-installed using Revo) - mind you I have now un-installed/installed at least 6 times in the last day or two!

Have also re-contacted Logitech, though I don't really expect any help from that quarter.

It looks as if I shall have to put up with doing a Repair-install, on any day when I wish to make use of the options in Settings. At least I know it does all work properly for a day, after doing that.

  Technotiger 12:59 15 Jan 2009

Many thanks for your efforts Pamy, but I think I will give this the Green-tick. If, in the unlikely event, that I do get any joy from Logitech, I will of course let you know.

Cheers TT

  Pamy 13:08 15 Jan 2009

I am assuming that it was previously working corectly and this is something that has just occured. If so the software must have been OK. I still think installing on another computer would be of benifit. Is there no one that would oblige?

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