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  fastfox 18:47 04 Aug 2006

Please can any one tell me is it posssible to put quick time tutorials that came free with a magazine on to a dvd.
And if so how would i do it.
Over the years i have collected a magazine which comes with a disc on Photoshop tutorials i would like to put all these tutorials on to a dvd so i can then watch these om my dvd player.
Is this possible i would appreciate it if anybody could advise me on this matter
Many thanks.

  ade.h 19:00 04 Aug 2006

If you browse each cover disc, you should be able to find the files, then copy them en masse to a DVD.

  fastfox 00:20 05 Aug 2006

I have burnt the video files on to a dvd-rw
inserted it in to do dvd player the panasonic message needed to reformat and in the other dvd player has a message disk unknown Initally i thoughtthe video files were quick time pro but are actually video files and open up in windows media player.
any help advise would great full all i want to do is watch these tutorials on my dvd players

you will need to con vert them from the current file type to mpeg 2 if they are not

use widows media encoder to encode to WMV then use a program like nero to encode 2 mpeg 2

  fastfox 14:50 05 Aug 2006

thanks for your help how do i go about converting these video clips to mpeg 2in windows encoder or nero how do i convert them so they will be watchable on a dvd player all the video clips have been put on a DVD never at to do this before and not up to speed on these things.look forward to your responses thankyou.

This could also be another problem you need to download all the video codecs you can

if you don't you may not even be able to start the convert or it may crash half way through

Just type movie codecs in google

In windows media encoder you need to create a custom project 1st tab you open the file and save the file to *.WMV on the 2nd tab.

3rd tab you need to change to PAl then you need to customise the screen size for DVD it needs to be 352x288

then apply the settings and start converting

If the files are in a dvd format already you may need to get a DVD to AVI/Mpeg i am looking for one myself though

i haven't used nero to creat a DVD i keep getting problems so i havent botthered

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