Quick Question - Centering a Table?

  gplatt2000 19:45 02 Sep 2003

Hi there, I think this is a simple enough question but I cant remember the tag to center a table in the browser windo (if there is one). Please help me, thanks in advance, Gavin

  tbh72 21:31 02 Sep 2003

I use Frontpage, to center a table I right click & select table properties from the menu.

I click the style button on the general tab selecting the posistion option. Finally filling in all four boxes with percentage figures, eg from top 25%, from left 25%, height 50% & finally width 50%.

If the table is bigger than 50% of the screen simply take 100% - Table size (70%) = 30%, divide this figure by 2 = 15% in place of the 25% selections.

  gplatt2000 21:38 02 Sep 2003

Thankyou, I will give this go for if I want the table right in the center (sorry not be clear I was only wanting it to be centerd horizontall, but thanks a lot anyway as Im sure this will be useful). I have now found that all I need to add is Align="center", i was thinking this was for text bu now found different! Thanks again, Gavin

  esl_webber 13:45 03 Sep 2003

<table width="100%" align="center">

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