Quick question on bluetooth and mobile phones

  Mr Scone 00:08 02 Jun 2004

Hi Guys, I'm getting a new phone soon and will need to transfer photos taken on the phone to my PC for storage/viewing. I want to get the Motorola V600 which has no infra-red port but does have bluetooth. Will I be able to use the bluetooth facility on the phone for sending photos to my PC? (I know there is a data cable which would do the job but it costs around £60 and buying a bluetooth connection for the PC is much cheaper).

So, would it work, and what device do I need to buy? Seen things for around £10 like click here
is this what I would need?



I send photos from my phone to my laptop which has Bluetooth built in so yes there's no reason for it not to work.

  Mr Scone 00:22 02 Jun 2004

Great - Thanks grahamh101

Just to check though, is this the right product to buy and has anyone used the Motorola V600 in this way?



  Charence 00:43 02 Jun 2004

The product you have chosen is very good because it is USB meaning you can transfer files from Mobile to PC on any computer with a USB port. Also £10 inc VAT, that's the cheapest I've seen! Good product, great price!

I don't have bluetooth, I imagine it would be quite similar to infra red (not speed). All that happens when your phone is nearby computer with Bluetooth is your computer will automatically detect it and say something like "A Nearby Device Motorola V600 has been detected. Click here to send files". On pictures or ringtones, you there should be an option menu allowing you to transfer the file via bluetooth to a nearby device.


  temp003 07:07 02 Jun 2004

I use a similar USB Bluetooth dongle (made by Belkin) to transfer things between the PC and a Sony Ericsson.

Yes, a USB dongle would be ideal.

Just follow the instructions that come with your USB dongle. With mine, I need to install the Bluetooth software first, and then at some stage, you'll be asked to insert the usb dongle, at which point the driver for the USB dongle will be installed by Windows.

You may need to configure the software on the PC to set up what bluetooth services you need, although the default configuration should work. The service you need for transferring photos should be file transfer.

After setup, you need to enable the Bluetooth network, and the Bluetooth device (the dongle) on your PC (if not already enabled). Turn on Bluetooth on the phone. Then use the software on PC to search for Bluetooth devices (or use the phone to search for Bluetooth devices).

When device is found, with Bluetooth, you need to "pair them", and will be asked for a PIN. Just enter any set of numbers, both on the phone and on the PC. The PIN can be anything you like, like 0000, or 123456 or whatever. The purpose is simply to make sure that you are pairing up exactly the 2 devices you want. After pairing, you will be able to use the phone or the PC to transfer photos.

  temp003 07:09 02 Jun 2004

Also, the first time you use bluetooth (both for the PC and for the phone), you should be asked to give a name to the device. After that, the name of the device will appear in future when the device is detected by another bluetooth device.

  Mr Scone 08:58 02 Jun 2004

Great comments from all. I will now go ahead and get the phone I wanted without worrying about transferring photos.

Cheers again


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