Quick question best anti spyware not adaware

  Jade 14 G 11:54 11 Mar 2007

Adaware personal is finding 14 to 20 spyware a day, feel that its not right so what is the best for me to download

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:01 11 Mar 2007

click here is an excellent free programme. I suspect that adaware is finding harmless tracking cookies.


  Alan H E 12:05 11 Mar 2007

Why do you think its not right? It alldepends onyour surfing habits. Also the prog gets rid of mainly tracking cookies which are usually low risk. Try Spybot search & destroy & links to others are available in various spyware threads - use the search facility at the top of the page.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:06 11 Mar 2007

If you go on alot of shopping sites then tracking cookies show as spyware you can then add these to the ignore list (provided they show as negliable risk.)

  cocteau48 12:25 11 Mar 2007

Once you have finished a surfing session try using CCleaner
click here
it only takes a few seconds to run the clean up scan - and then try your anti-spyware prog.
I think you will find most things,if not all,that Adaware is finding will have disappeared.

  keithlik 12:44 11 Mar 2007

You can select a smart scan and have the option to deselect low risk search.

Used this SE version FREE for years and am overjoyed when it picks up any nasties.

If you find a better application let us know.

Good Hunting.

  Jade 14 G 12:52 11 Mar 2007

I think l have deleted harmless spyware but l don't go on shopping sites mosly textile art sites and blog mine and my website but don't have time to surf a lot. Its telling me l have all this and l am deleting because l don't know which is good or bad, some l remember are stats counter, euro tracking, and cannot remember any more but have noticed my pc is acting odd, crashes and not acting as it normally does, its hard to explan but we all know our own pc's and how they behave. I will go and download one that you have given me but how can l find out which spywarer to delete and what to keep. I do know there nearly all the same that has come up 3 days earlier.

  Jade 14 G 12:56 11 Mar 2007

I think most of you do more surfing than l do as l just do not have the time and have never been to any odd sites if thats the word (g) as l have it on parental safe sites in case my grandchildren get on it which they do.

  Jade 14 G 12:57 11 Mar 2007

I do use cc cleaner but not every time l am oline

  Jade 14 G 13:00 11 Mar 2007

Thanks for that as l sometimes use smart scan but mostly a full scan, at least if l do what you say it wll leave the low ones out.

  Jade 14 G 13:32 11 Mar 2007

off to download but just wanted to say that l hoped not to bother you all so did two searches on this website and it came up with evrything but what l wanted so thats why l had to post anyway, thats to you all,

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