Quick link to Norton removal needed

  mammak 21:41 09 Nov 2006

Hi I am in a bit of a hurry with this one, my step daughter has a four month old laptop that is running well like a snail,

she is pretty dim where computer security is concerend sorry to say,

she let the free 90 day trail for Norton run out and has not bothered to get a new AV I am of course going to advice her to get rid of Norton

this where my problem lays I cant find the removal tool and that is what I need the link for,

I will then try and advice to install Avast which I have the relevant link for,
thanks for any help on this.

  VoG II 21:44 09 Nov 2006
  mammak 21:49 09 Nov 2006

Cheers VoG™ your a star x

  Jimmy14 22:02 09 Nov 2006

I sincerely hope that you are not incinuating Norton is the cause of the specific or anyone elses computer to run like a "snail" Maybe it is down to in-experienced as you say about ocmputer security or just not maintaining the laptops health but from my experience and alot of others Norton does not slow any computer down whether it be old or new like a "snail" unless somethings wrong. If the laptop is 4 months old then there must be something wrong with it if It's running very slow just with Norton because my laptop is 11 months old with Norton and runs as fast as the day I got it.

"I am of course going to advice her to get rid of Norton "

That of course is your decision and purposely the wrong one.

  Jimmy14 22:03 09 Nov 2006

2nd line computer**

  VoG II 22:05 09 Nov 2006

Learn to spell. After that you can advise on security programs.

  mammak 22:11 09 Nov 2006

I am not incinuating nothing, she had a 90 day free trail and was so not bothered about security,

so she was not going to pay for an updated version of any AV

so quote "I am of course going to advice her to get rid of Norton" well it wouldn't do to have two AVs running might cause some conflict or mabye you know different?

  Jimmy14 22:13 09 Nov 2006

I can clearly advise on security programs enough thanks without your snidy comments. Everyone isn't perfect and I'm sure you're no were near it so you don't have the right to criticise others. If you can't find anything to say about my post regarding Norton then don't think up the most stupidest thing that comes into your mind like "learn to spell". Don't dare tell me what to do, to make a simple keyboard error is in no way the end of the world. The immaturity of your post is beyond belief.

  mammak 22:15 09 Nov 2006

"Insinuating" even see Word can spell lol.

  mammak 22:19 09 Nov 2006

VoG™,has never thought his self as perfect (although I think he is) we are not Norton lovers but hey not many are!

  skidzy 22:22 09 Nov 2006

" Norton does not slow any computer down whether it be old or new "

Ive had Norton on 3 machines in the past,never again !

Unless Symantec have slimmed there versions down,i cannot agree with you Jimmy !

Norton is reknown for being a system resource hog,though some will be happy with that...not me though.

This subject has been brought up time and time again and becomes very debatable.
At the end of the day,its user preference.

Good luck with the removal Ma :-))

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