Quick Basic printing under WinXP

  AllThumbs 13:05 14 Feb 2007

Lo Folks,

My dad recently bought himself a laptop with WinXP on it and wanted to run Quick Basic on it too.
Now despite the fact that this shouldn't work we found out a way to do it by copying a couple of files onto the root directory. This is great because he can still run the programs he's written and can edit them, and even print off the programs themselves by saving them in their .BAS format and using Open Office to open and print them.

However, he can't print off the results of a program's that's been run within it's pseudo DOS environment - they don't get saved as such and as the program is running in a kind of DOS beneath the wire it doesn't seem to see the USB printer.

Does anyone know of a fix for this?

(soz if this is poorly explained - I've got the net connection so I get to ask questions about a matter I already don't understand :p )

  ArrGee 13:55 14 Feb 2007

Not sure, but is this of any help?

click here

Or this?

click here

  AllThumbs 00:13 16 Feb 2007

Many thanks ArrGee

Went for the shareware one of these two and although it helped to print the program itself it's no good for printing the result of the run program.

The program when written out is within Qbasic's main set up with an option to print, but when the program is run with changed parameters it produces a result which can't be saved because any key presses on the main board results in a reset of the program to it's original state (ie without the changed integers).

However, we've worked out a long a fiddly way round it which involves taking a screenshot, (copies to clipboard) dumping it into a paint package, reversing the colour so it it's black text on a white screen and saving that as a jpeg to be printed by the paint program.

Long winded I know, but at least it works.

Thanks for your suggestions though :)

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