Questions re removable hard drives

  Nosmas 15:01 22 May 2003

I have been thinking about installing a caddy to take removable hard drives which could be used to make backups to be stored off site, but then read click here of the potential problems using a caddy. The posting by jasg appeared to offer an alternative. Although I posted some questions I haven't seen any reply so repeat those questions here in the hope that someone else will know the answers: -

Is the external hard drive case referred to by jasg, just that i.e. only a case to house the actual drive? If so does it mean that any HDD can be fitted into the case, and can one drive be removed and another inserted and still be recognised by the O/S without unplugging the USB cable? Who makes these cases?

One other question. If my system only has USB1, will a USB2 5-port PCI card (such as made by Belkin) be OK for powering/connecting the external case?

  Rtus 16:14 22 May 2003

I use Ide/usb Drive caddies but configured for Ide use only. The Kit ( comes either as complete 2 part kit & additional seperate caddie trays)comes as Housing bay Which fits into standard 5" drive bay and a Caddie that houses the Hard drive of your choice.Facilitating easy swapping of drives ,enabling multi O/s or versions of O/s to be used in minutes Once initial set-up is done.Can also be used as Quick recovery of unit In case one drive fails, But remember its only up to the point of creation or last cloning etc .There are caddies that will use usb2 and are Backward compatible Look at click here
usb cables are puchased seperately

  Rtus 16:21 22 May 2003

Please note Transfer speed UDMA 100/133 would be limited by Your Motherboard's Ide Port ,Immaterial to which Hard drive speed you fitted.and in standard use youde hardly tell the difference.

  Nosmas 18:42 22 May 2003

Thanks for your response and the details given. The original poster to click here (who appears to be doing the same as you), wanted to be able to "hot-swap" his drives without the need to re-boot. The reply from jasg suggested he needed to purchase a USB "external hard drive case" - hence my questions regarding that method. Am I right in thinking you do not (or are unable to) "hot-swap" your drives? If the caddies you use were configured for USB would that enable the drives to be "hot-swapped"?

  Rtus 18:52 22 May 2003

I can hot swap In my case it works well as both drives used are W98 based just different loadings and some progs Vary But contain same system info for hardware...However If I use speedos /linux based drive after using w98 type I merely Ctrl/alt Del and its booting again ready for use within couple of minutes.

  Nosmas 13:00 25 May 2003

Sorry for the delay in replying, but thank you for the info. I am only at the "thinking" stage at the moment, but will probably come back for more help when I have a positive plan of action. In the meantime I will "green tick" this thread.

  Rtus 22:42 25 May 2003

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