Questions re- pc wont start

  redsusan 09:31 25 Apr 2010

Thank you for the help given to stop the re booting of my PC, it seems from the link given that it is a windows vista Update 937287 that caused the problem. what i need to know is what do i do about new updates that need installing, what if it has the same update and it causes the same problem. I don't want to have to keep re installing . there was no disks provided with PC and a lot of answers on other sites say to run the Vista CD at start up at the moment i have not updated anything more, hope that makes sense.


  onthelimit 10:38 25 Apr 2010

If you change the automatic update setting to 'inform me but don't download', you will be able to untick the ones you don't want to install.

  ame 16:06 25 Apr 2010

You can also hide the update so you don't accidentally download and install it in future.

  redsusan 19:09 25 Apr 2010

I would hide it if i knew which one it was. I've read a lot about this problem with the Vista update, i was lucky to be able to get out of the loop, lots of others haven't,
It seems it's a big problem so why has there not been a fix for it? or has there and ive missed it?
The PC is only 3 weeks old , i might try taking it back to Argos and see what they say.


  onthelimit 19:21 25 Apr 2010

You say in your first post that it was 937287 that caused the problem. You can block that particular one if you change the settings as I suggested. If it's a download causing the difficulty, Argos won't be the slightest bit interested.

  redsusan 19:49 25 Apr 2010

Yes i read somewhere that it was 937287 (cant remember where ive been reading anything i can about it all day).
The reason i thought of taking it back is so many people are having trouble with microsoft updates on Vista ,i thought they should know, oh well,

  mooly 08:02 26 Apr 2010

Is it a laptop ? Most PC's have a recovery procedure to enable you to return it all to "day one" by reinstalling the operating system from a hidden partition.

3 weeks old with Vista... are Argos still selling PC's with Vista.

I googled your KB number and it seems an old problem... 2 years old... so that should have been sorted ages ago.

I run Vista and tbh haven't had a single update problem... not much comfort to you... although I don't have them install automatically.

Is your PC already supplied with Vista service pack 2 installed ?

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