Questions from Ebay members?

  pj123 17:31 13 Jun 2005

Yesterday I got 11 emails asking a question about an item for sale on the site. I am not selling anything on Ebay. They were all in Italian, so I don't know what they were about. I emailed Ebay asking what is going on but all I got back was the standard automatic response, suggesting I change my password. When I checked the item number (6774658986) it was an Italian member selling an Acer Laptop. I emailed him/her and advised him not to accept any bids from my ID, although my name did not appear as a bidder. The auction ended at 12.09 today. How am I receiving all these questions from bidders? BTW I did change my password. I generally change it every month anyway. (been working for Norwich Union too long, they make you change your password every month)

  slimpickins 18:03 13 Jun 2005

It looks like an internal problem with the ebay computer. The bidder (no1lives4ever_01) only registered on the 11 of June and is from Italy (and is bidding on Italian ebay), you appear to have a similar ID, no1lives4ever.

Getting a real response out of ebay is notoriously difficult. I suggest that you post a message on the user forums and see if anyone has any ideas.

  mattyc_92 18:04 13 Jun 2005

I have been getting these e-mails and I am not even a member of Ebay...

I would just either ignore them or go to the ebay website and see if you can find an option to talk to a human rather than e-mail the server...

  Stuartli 18:11 13 Jun 2005

Whenever I've contacted e-Bay's administration the response has been rapid and very helpful - use the Contact Us page for the correct option.

It's in e-Bay's own interests to sort out problems and ensure the smooth running of what is a very, very big operation.

  pj123 18:23 13 Jun 2005

Bit of an update. I got it wrong. The emails asking questions of the seller appear to be COMING from me. These 11 emails are supposed to be questions I am asking, but each one is to a different Ebay member about the same item. Also now got 3 more emails but for a different item. Again it is Italian, anyone speak Italian out there? They also appear to be questions I am asking about an item. This item has also ended. The item number is 8196441088.

If I have to change my ID as well as my password I would lose my 100% feedback and have to start again, which I don't want to do. It took me a long time to build this up.

  Snec 18:44 13 Jun 2005

If were you pj I'd forward them on to [email protected] just to ensure protection of my account. You can't be sure what the cause of this is... be safe not sorry.

  pj123 19:09 13 Jun 2005

Snec, that was the first thing I did. Got an email back from Ebay saying that these are not spoof emails but genuine emails. If you are an Ebay member you will know that you can ask the seller a question and have the email sent to you as well. This is what appears to be happening, but the questions I am supposed to be asking are addressed to different sellers. As both these auctions have now ended and I don't appear to a bidder on either of them I have to take Ebays advice and delete the emails and forget it. I have logged in under my new password and all seems to be OK. I just hope this doesn't happen to anyone else. It is a bit worrying.

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