Questions of the Cable Kind

  Ken Ju-On 17:33 26 Jun 2003


This probably sounds silly to you. I'm not sure what cable I should use to connect my cable modem to my Ethernet port. What's it called?

Surely I can't use a crossover cable, right? Do I have to use what is known as a "CAT 5" cable? Or are there other names for it?

What sort of cable should I ask the store clerk for? It's supposed to connect my cable modem to the Ethernet port?

I'd be glad if you could help.

  Valvegrid 17:40 26 Jun 2003

Yes, it's a cat5 rj4 cable, you buy them in different lengths Try Maplins and type Rj4 in the search.

click here

  Valvegrid 17:42 26 Jun 2003

This link will take straight the the type of cable you'll need:

click here=

  Ken Ju-On 18:24 26 Jun 2003

Thanks for all your help. At last I'm clearer.

One thing though. My installer disc mentions that I have to use a "10-Base T Ethernet" cable. Is that the same as the one you all mention?

  tedz 18:33 26 Jun 2003

they are all pretty much talking about the same thing. RJ45 is the name of the specific connector at each end of the cable. also known as a patch lead/cable.

  SEASHANTY 19:42 26 Jun 2003

If you are on NTL cable they should have provided you with this RJ45 patch cable when you signed up. I got both the ethernet RJ45 cable and the USB cable. Still have the latter as spare as not used. This one metre RJ45 patch cable is about £7 at PC World or Dixons.

  Ken Ju-On 22:15 26 Jun 2003

Yes, Seashanty. And I was silly enough to have lost that Ethernet cable :(

The cable modem connected to the Ethernet would run faster. Before I only had one network adapter installed, and that was used to share the Net connection with another computer, so I took the Ethernet cable very lightly. Now I'm regretting my carelessness.

Please could you tell me if I can use any cable listed at click here ?

  tedz 22:40 26 Jun 2003

yep, they'll do the job for you!!

the UTP stands for "un-twisted pair" a description of the individual wires in the cable.

apparently patch cables are on sale at large B&Q warehouses for less than a fiver.

  tedz 22:45 26 Jun 2003

click here

from the b&q site.

  grainish 23:05 26 Jun 2003


Not sure if you missed a bit out in your description of UTP cable.

UTP is unshielded twisted pair,

STP is shielded twisted pair

FTP is foil shielded twisted pair

If it was un-twisted pair it would not work, the 4 pairs are all twisted at a different number of twists per metre so the 4 prs come into as little contact as possible with each other when made up into the cat 5 cable, this helps prevent X talk between the prs.

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