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  Dearersteak 11:04 08 Jun 2003

Ok, with any luck, these should be easy to answer. Please feel free to moan at me if there not!

Ok, first, is there any way I can lock my machine when i leave my desk? When my screen saver kicks in, it locks the machine, so I have to enter my password to get back in. But this only happens after 10 minutes. But on some NOS (network OS's) you can hit Ctrl, Alt Delete, and you can "lock your work station". Is there anyway I can do this with XP pro? If not, don’t worry.

The other thing is that my grandparents live in the south west of France, and are considering buying a PC.
If they buy a machine in Frances, is there any way of switching the French XP over to English, (because it’s all in French) is it the same version of XP, or are there different versions for different counties? Or would I have to get hold of a French machine and install a English copy of XP.

thanks all

  hugh-265156 11:14 08 Jun 2003

set up an account with a password and when you leave the cpmputer just hit log off.

the language can be changed in controlpanel/regional an lanuage options.

im not sure of the voltage in sure its different to the uk you may need a converter to run on uk mains.

  hugh-265156 11:16 08 Jun 2003

sorry cant read.forget about the voltage thing.

i though you were bringing back to uk.

  Dearersteak 11:19 08 Jun 2003

All most all PC's power supply's have a switch on the back of them switching them from 240 to 110, But Frances runs 230, Must UK equipment works over there, so I’m sure that shouldn’t be a problem!

  Audeal 13:38 08 Jun 2003

Dearersteak. I do not have an active screensaver on my machine, ( it is turned off ) instead I have a shortcut on my desktop and a shortcut key to that ( I use the F11 key for my short cut key. F12 does not seem to work in XP Pro ).

When ever I need to use the screensaver I then press the F11 key and the screensaver starts up. You could do this whenever you leave your desk.

In theory, at least, this should work for you if you set up a shortcut key for your screen saver. I think it is worth a try. I hope it works for you. Audeal

  Dearersteak 13:57 08 Jun 2003

How do i set this short-cut up?

  Audeal 22:34 08 Jun 2003

Dearersteak. Go into the Windows folder on your c drive and open the system32 folder. Find the Icon for your screensaver and put a shortcut on the desktop.

Then on the desktop, Right click on the icon and then click on Properties. There you will find a text box for the shortcut key. type in the key you want to ues for the shortcut and close the window. Whenever you press the key your screensaver will start up.

I hope this is clear enough for you to understand. Audeal.

  wheelie 23:30 08 Jun 2003

Question 1: Set the screensaver to start after 1 minute and password protect it. If you have to leave your desk, wait for the screensaver to start before doing so.

Question 2: Not sure about this, but I assume you can change the language under "Regional Settings" in Control Panel.

  billyliv 23:48 08 Jun 2003

Hi, Hit CTRL and L. Bill

  keith-236785 09:29 09 Jun 2003

if you have Microsoft Office on your pc (any Version will do), add the screensaver button to your Microsoft Office Shortcut bar, then just click the icon for the screensaver, it will start instantly.

  Sapins 09:53 09 Jun 2003

I have a friend here in the South West of France who bought a French system expecting to be able to change the language but the seller, a local store, could not do this, I presume you will have to buy an English copy. I have bought my English copy from Amazon. The electicity supply here will not be a problem, we have brought English appliances over and used them with no problem, French appliances will also work ok in the UK.

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