Questions about PC Advisor cover disks

  polymath 21:36 08 Mar 2013

Sorry if this has already been answered somewhere, but the site search isn't working for me like it used to (e.g. I can't seem to narrow it down).

I scan the contents before buying PC Advisor, as I don't invariably buy it. The Xara Photo & Graphic Designer cover disk program tipped the balance into buying the April issue, but the disk turned out not to contain that program. I'd assumed it was a 'Disk+' I had, but later, on spotting some small writing on the back of the disk cover, I realised it wasn't.

1; How do I tell in the shop whether it's a Disk+ or not? (Or is 'Disk+' a new name for 'DVD version'? In which case I should be able to tell by its packaging).

2; What's the reason for the 2 tiers of cover disk - are there 2 different prices?

3; I never managed to find the DVD version here in Ireland - are they only available in the UK? (If so, why?)

  Woolwell 22:20 08 Mar 2013

I think that you would get your answer by emailing the magazine editor. Details are through contact us at the bottom of the page.

  polymath 11:23 09 Mar 2013

Thanks Woolwell - will do.

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