Questions about my new computer specification....

  SpyMan²°°­­³ {:o)){--< 22:59 22 Jan 2004

I am ready to part with about £1900 and am gonna get my PC from Mesh but i have a few questions for some of you that might know.

Soundcard: What is the difference between soundblaster audigy 2 zs and the platinum version. I believe it is the same card but the platinum has extra ports on it...what are they? I don't want to waste money on something i will never use.

Speakers: Is 7.1 surround sound speakers a bit overkill?

Graphics: My final decision is nVidia GeForce 5950 ultra....but is the ATI Radeon 9800XT better?

Monitor: My final decision is 22" CRT Mitsubishi Diamond Plus 930sb....everyone seems to rave on about TFT monitors, but are they any good for games. Budget on this is about £450.

CPU: AMD is a definate (always had them, always liked them). But my budget is restricting me to the Athlon64 3200+ or it worth compromising on other stuff to get the Athlon64 fx51? Considering the fx51 is about £400 more expensive.

RAM: is 512k of PC3200 400MHz enough for Windows XP, or should i opt for 1Gb?

Hard Drive: Why doesn't anybody sell small hard drives anymore. 60Gb is more than enough for me, but the smallest it will let me have is 120Gb...what a waste! If everyone is backing things up with CDR drives and DVDRW drives...what is the need for such big hard drives? Is a bigger hdd slower than a smaller one if the spec is same?



  DieSse 23:05 22 Jan 2004

"Is a bigger hdd slower than a smaller one if the spec is same?"


  DieSse 23:07 22 Jan 2004

"RAM: is 512k of PC3200 400MHz enough for Windows XP, or should i opt for 1Gb?

512Mb is more than enough for WinXP - but that's not what's important - it's what tasks you run that affects how much RAM is best."

  DieSse 23:09 22 Jan 2004

"Graphics: My final decision is nVidia GeForce 5950 ultra....but is the ATI Radeon 9800XT better?"

If there's anything in it either way, it'll be marginal. Look at Toms Hardware benchmarks to see some objective tests

  Big Elf 23:14 22 Jan 2004

An additional hard drive will provide a measure, but not a full one, of backup. Speak to them and negotiate 2 x 60/80GB hard drives?

You spend a lot of time looking at the monitor so the best you can afford, in my opinion, is the one you should get, even at the expense of other components

Speakers - depends on what you do.

Graphics card - are you an extreme gamer?

AMD64 is future proofing - but when is WIndows XP 64 due out?

  Chegs ® 23:15 22 Jan 2004

"Graphics: My final decision is nVidia GeForce 5950 ultra....but is the ATI Radeon 9800XT better?"

A quick look thru PCA pages should convince you,NVidia is the EASIEST GC to install,ATI cards can be bloomin awkward to get the drivers working properly.

  dazzling (work) 23:19 22 Jan 2004

what are you using the pc for.if you are using it for video editing stuff like that you could probably do with a good bit of ram i have 1 gb of pc2700 which works for storage you can never have to much 2hrs of video takes up approx 5 gb of storage then you have to author it another 5gb file it soon adds is not always practical to back up to cd my xp partition is now over 9gb in size so i backup to a seperate hard drive and have a backup image of xp alone with updates.if your playing the latest games get the best graphics you can afford.soundcard is down to you but if youve got 7.1 speakers you need a 7.1 soundcard,ihavent seen anything in 7.1 yet but you can guarentee it will be on its way.the only thing really to bear in mind is that in 6 months time your cutting edge pc will be a dinosaur and youll want to upgrade it.have you thought of building your own £1900 is a shed load of money you wont save much if anything but you will get the bits you need and not just a package,plus when it comes to upgrades you will know what your doing if youve already built one.not to mention all the help and advice you can get here.darren

  johnnyrocker 23:40 22 Jan 2004

forget mesh for a start read the logs.


  CurlyLocks 23:42 22 Jan 2004

"Graphics: My final decision is nVidia GeForce 5950 ultra...but is the ATI Radeon 9800XT better?"

Not much in it but having tried both the ATI has a slight edge. Also ATI technical backup (updated drivers etc.) is very good.

"Monitor: My final decision is 22 inch CRT Mitsubishi"
Good choice for gaming, the response time of most TFT monitors is too slow to achieve CRT quality standard.

"RAM: is 512K of PC3200 400MHz enough for Windows XP"

As stated by DieSse, this is enough for Windows XP but as my experience proves software in the future will require more RAM to run efficiently and you will upgrade in the future. It just depends whether you want to spend the money now or not.

"Is a bigger hdd slower than a smaller one"

DieSse is correct it is not. You may think that 60Gb is enough but assuming you are investing in a PC to keep for a while you will soon realise that it is not. Only a few years ago a 6Gb hard drive was considered large!!


Unless you are a specialised audio freak don't waste your money on the platinum version. It would be better to spend the money on extra RAM.

  johnnyrocker 23:43 22 Jan 2004

you want a gamer click here


  SpyMan²°°­­³ {:o)){--< 09:49 23 Jan 2004

Primarily my computer is used for games, which i play on a lot and for my Uni work.

Applications it will be used for are MSOFFice 2003, Cubase SX, Sonic Foundry Acid Pro, Adobe Photoshop CS and some specific software that is directly related to the course i am doing at uni.

johnnyrocker...although the pc's on that site look smart, they are an absolute rip off...£4000 + vat for a PC that isn't even close to the spec of the one i want. Anybody who buys off that site has more money than sense as you get the same system elsewhere for a 3rd of the price.

As for Mesh....well i was gonna buy off Multivision as i have done for my last 2 PC's but the day i tried to put the order through is the actual day the closed lucky was I. Still disappointed they are no more...i think if they would have just charged a little more and kept up with jones's it may have helped them stay afloat.

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