Questions about the Mesh Matrix XP 2700+ RD97

  Andrew P 18:18 11 Feb 2003

Hi all,

I have been trying to email mesh with these questions, but I keep getting a reply from someone called David Danciger asking me for my address and phone number, which I dont want to give out unless I actually purchace the computer. Why he needs these to answer a few questions I don't know, so I thought i'd ask here. The system in question is the Mesh Matrix XP 2700+ RD97.

1. Is the monitor supplied with this system the 19" Mitsubishi DPRO 920 or 930? In the reviews of this computer, it is shown as the 920, and on the product configuration page on your website it is shown as the 930.

2. I have heard of a problem with the Creative Inspire 6.1 6700 speakers. What is this problem exactly, and will it affect me if I upgrade to these speakers from the Creative Inspire 5.1 5300 speakers?

3. How does the onboard sound with this system compare to a system with a seperate sound card, eg. the Creative Audigy series sound cards? Will I be able to tell the difference?

4. I notice that the processor with this computer can be upgraded to either the Athlon XP 2800+ or the 3000+. Do you plan to include either of these processors as standard in the future?

5. Do I have to use as my internet service provider (I already have a Freeserve Anytime account) and if their software is pre-installed on the PC, can it be removed?

6. If I upgrade the supplied software to Microsoft Office XP Pro, do I still get a copy of Pinnacle Studio 8 SE?

7. I already have a Logitech Cordless Desktop Optical Keyboard and Mouse. Will I be able to use these with the new system?

8. Finally, what other software does this system come with (eg. AntiVirus)

Many Thanks,
Andrew P

  Sir Radfordin™ 18:50 11 Feb 2003

Most of those questions can't be answered by us. Why not ring the sales people and ask them?

The reason they are no doubt asking for a name and address is so that the call can be logged in whatever system they use.

You do not have to use as your ISP there is nothing to stop you using Freeserve. When I bought my Mesh PC the Virgin stuff was just an exe on the desktop you could run. Needless to say I didn't.

There will no doubt be machines sold in the future that have the higher speed processors. But that will always be the case so I can't see why impact it will have on you.

Can't see any reason why the Keyboard and Mouse you have would not work on the system - but I also doubt Mesh would give an answer on that one.

As for point 8 very few PC's come with free software you actually need. Not something you should but at the top of the shopping list.

  powerless 18:56 11 Feb 2003


1) If you are unsure about the monitor supplied ask MESH this question and state that in PC Advisor, issue number and page number there is a review of this system and the monitor within the review is the 920 - So what montior is supplied -Dont email them, ring them up.

2) Not to sure. I believe there is a problem but cannot find it.

3) Onboard sound is ok, its not the best - also its a cheaper alternative to a dedicated sound card. If you really enjoy music and plan to watch DVD and play computer games then go for a Creative Soundblaster Audigy card. They are the dogs doo dars in sound. Telling the difference - Depends on how good your ears are...

4) Well its pretty obvious to me that the 2800 and 3000 will come as standard in months to come. They will become cheaper also... The 2700 is a more than capable processor and will last you years. The 2800 and the 3000 obviously will give you a little more power...

Also the 3000 with a barton core is meant to be way better then its rival p4 3.06Ghz, but if you do upgrade to the 3000 make sure its the barton core ;-)

5) You can still use your freeserve for the internet. Do not know about the preinstalled software, sorry.

6) Do not know.

7) Yes.

8) Do not know.

  Andrew P 19:04 11 Feb 2003

Many thanks for the quick responses. I shall try to ring Mesh as soon as I can using the number in their adverts in PC Advisor - this probably wont be until the weekend though. If I do get the system, I shall keep you all updated on how it is going.
Andrew P

  Sir Radfordin™ 19:07 11 Feb 2003

I will just add that you should make sure that you get a written spec IN FULL that you then use to place the order. This will then prevent you having problems down the line.

Any answer given to you can form part of the sale and so you should be able to prove what was said in case you want to claim that it wasn't fit for purpose later on.

This is true of ANY supplier and not just Mesh.

  Andrew P 19:12 11 Feb 2003

Thanks for that tip. I'll make sure I remember to do just that.

  SpyMan²°°­­³ 19:37 11 Feb 2003

Try multivision instead at click here

You have more flexibilitywith custom configuration, the systems are cheaper but just as good quality, the warranty is one of if not the best around and you don't get hard sell which David Danciger looks like he will do given half the chance.

I have found that Emailing computer companies for information is a waste of time, you need to ring them nad speak to may cost you the price of the phone call but at least you get an answer there and then.

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