Questions about a clean reinstall of XP Pro

  m800afc 23:05 21 Apr 2008

Greetings all,
I have had so many problems with my computer I have reluctantly decided that a clean, reformatted install of XP Pro is the only way forward.
To this end I would like advice on some areas of concern. I already have TI backups, but have never needed to use them.

1: Is it better to have the OS on a different partition to my data? I have Acronis partition manager, but have yet to use it. Do I install XP Pro and then use Partition mager to create, for example, a partition called D (for Data). Is it possible to backup everything except the OS?

2: I don't understand how, but my present system drive is not C, but J. If I do a backup, using Acronis TI10, when I reinstall, will the backup go to C, D, or or will it look for J? Or will I have a choice? Will the filepaths for shortcuts and links remain as J>my computer etc, or will they automatically become C>my computer etc? I would not want to backup the OS as I intend to reinstall. When I use the TI backup will it try to replace the newly installed OS?

3: Are there any matters that forum members feel I should be considering/preparing before I start the clean install?

I will be able to keep in touch with the forum via my laptop.
Thanks very much

  DieSse 23:30 21 Apr 2008

When you do a clean install, on booting from the XP CD you can choose how to partition and reformat your drive from the CD right then. You don't need an alternative partition manager.

Is it better to have your OS and data on different partitions - Opinions vary. The one thing you must not do is create an OS partition that turns out to be too small in the future. I would recommend 50GB to be sure.

Your TI backup will only be of use for data when you re-install. Otherwise it will overwrite your new fresh installation with the old stuff.

One thing you cannot do is backup program files and then re-install from the backup - the reason being is that they insert many files into the OS installation - and you've just lost those in the re-install.

The only way to re-install programs is from the original installation disks or downloaded files.

So - you need a backup of all your data, and a note of all your settings (email setups, for ezample.

You need copies of all the programs you want to re-install.

And remember to do all the updates for Windows etc etc etc that date post you program installs.

This is just a quick skim over some of the issues and basics.

  DieSse 23:35 21 Apr 2008

Don't forget that "your data" includes emails, favourites, email and browser settings, any Office templates you created, any downloaded clipart in Office - as well as the contents of the My Documents folder, and any data you stored in other places.

This applies to you and any other users you have set up.

  beeuuem 23:54 21 Apr 2008

As DieSse states there are those who do not advocate partitions, saying that there is no need for them. I do have partitions, principally so that if a restore is necessary it takes minutes rather than hours.

1/ I have a 15Gb partiton for the operating system and programmes. With XP SP3 installed and quite a few large programmes I am using 5.5GB. With TI this can be restored in 4 minutes.
All other data, My Documents, My Pictures etc. is on separate partitons.
From a clean install you can set the C Drive partiton size during the installation.
Setting up additional partitions can be done using your Partiton Manager or from Disk Management in XP.

You can use TI to back up files and folders although these may need to be new backups. On restoring these you have the option to choose where they are placed. If you restore the full image of your current XP Drive it will overwrite the new installation.

Just to emphasise the point made by DieSse, save every mortal thing you may need that will be lost during a clean install, My Documents, My picturs My Music, mail, passwords etc.

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