Question for the "Techies" 3 computers into 1

  Pamy 09:55 07 Mar 2004

Hello everyone,
My friend has asked me to ask if it is possible to have three computer operating sytems via removable drawers (mobile racks)in his lattest computer. He has one computer running Windows 3.1 with Doss and a 5.25 floppy drive. A second one running Windows 98, and a third one running XP. This last computer is only 9 months old. He does not want the three sytems on one drive but he also does not want to have three towers etc.

Any thoughts on the subject appreciated. Pamy

  Diodorus Siculus 10:09 07 Mar 2004

Does he want to "triple boot" i.e. have the three operating systems running on one machine, each OS having its own hard disk?

If so, then yes, it is possible with the help of a good boot manager (such as Bootmagic which comes with Partition Magic - may also be available as a standalone product).

Each OS will likely need to be reinstalled - I am not sure about using the current installations because of boot sectors etc.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:10 07 Mar 2004

This is what Billy has to here


  leo49 10:24 07 Mar 2004

Or Microsoft's Vitual PC might be an alternative:

click here

  Pamy 10:27 07 Mar 2004

D S, what he wants is to have three drawers containing a hard drive in each, with windows 3.i on one, windows 98 on another and windows XP on the third.He would like to then be able to insert whichever one he wants into the computer and boot up and run that system and progs for it.

Gandalf, thanks for the link to billy, but that is not what my friend wants to do.

Thanks both for info, Pamy

  Diodorus Siculus 10:34 07 Mar 2004

Pamy, in that case it will be easy enough, but putting himeself to unnecessary expense.

He can install three hard drives into one machine and with a boot manager choose at startup which operating system to run.

If he really wants to go down the line of swopping disks each time, it will be a more complex operation because of the necessity of getting removable drives. It can be done however.

  Pamy 10:36 07 Mar 2004

thanks for link, but like Gandalf it is not what is wanted,

  Bagsey 10:43 07 Mar 2004

I think that you want what I do. That is 3 hard discs in seperate caddies. then swap the caddy to the operating system needed. The down side of this is that you will need to switch off, change caddy then reboot. The upside is that you have a fresh computer . I use this system to keep video editing completly away from other stuff as it is subject to all kinds of glitches.

  Pamy 10:43 07 Mar 2004

D S,
I do not think he has room to put 3 hard drives into his tower, that is why he was looking at the removable drawers.

The main concern for him is whether windows 3.i will run on a modern computer.

Thanks again to you and others for help, Pamy

  Bagsey 10:45 07 Mar 2004

Sorry I forgot to mention that the caddies from Maplins are very good quality but a bit more costly than others. Still worth the extra as they come with fitted cooling fan.


The cost of having three removable HD's on caddies would totally outweigh upgrading the case to have three internal HD's.

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