Question re excel formula

  oo7juk 10:45 28 Jan 2009

Can someone tell me what certain parts of this formula is doing please.


what is the *-1 doing in the above formula?

Many thanks,

  harps1h 11:10 28 Jan 2009

* means multiply and in the formula i would think it is multiplying h32 by -1. so if you substitute the formula with the figure 10 it effectively becomes this:
=SUM (20)-10-(-10)-(-10)-10; note two minus's= a +
thereforeit becomes;
=SUM 20-10+10+10-10;
=Sum 20

hope this helps

  oo7juk 12:30 28 Jan 2009

harps1h -

I understand the 2 minus's cancelling each other out, but when I try to do it I don't get the correct answer.

The above formula displays a result of 0.00 and the cells are populated with the following data

B8 5410708.11
B9 13,101.62
G12 4737461.52
F19 -688085.87
H32 -0.08 (G32-F32)
H19 -1737.74

Many thanks,

  VoG II 13:00 28 Jan 2009

It gives me 8.98808E-10

  DippyGirl 13:14 28 Jan 2009

Get the same as VoG - but if you change the format of the target cell to Numeric you get 0.00 - try scientific

  oo7juk 13:26 28 Jan 2009

Thanks - so does -1 help identify that the cell conatins a minus figure, but you can do it without the minus in the formula

e.g =SUM(B8+B9-G12+F19+H32-H19) formatted to number gave me 0.00

why use the * sign


  VoG II 13:28 28 Jan 2009

The only reason that I can think of would be to coerce a number stored as text to be a number )the negative of that 'text number').

  oo7juk 14:06 28 Jan 2009

VoG & others -

Wpould this be a result of info imported from a different system maybe?


  VoG II 14:08 28 Jan 2009

Yes, could be. That's a common cause of numbers stored as text. There are better ways round it than coercing in formulas though.

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