Question on Local Drive (C:)

  LOLLowRAM 09:38 14 Jan 2008

Hello when i right click the C drive icon in "My Computer" and choose properties, it states that its total size is 37.2GB and the free space is 2.41GB.

However, after selecting everything including hidden folders and system files in the C drive, i realised they only took up 11GB of space.

Is this normal?

  brundle 10:15 14 Jan 2008

Some files will be hidden but such a large difference needs checking; click here

  brundle 10:18 14 Jan 2008

Sorry, just realised why I never use that app, easier to see what's using the space with something like Treesize Free click here

  Taff™ 10:26 14 Jan 2008

Which Operating System are you using?

  LOLLowRAM 10:28 14 Jan 2008

Thanks for the links.

The first categorized 66% of the used space under im trying the second link.

  LOLLowRAM 10:30 14 Jan 2008

Taff what is an operating system?
Is Windows Xp an operating system?

  LOLLowRAM 10:32 14 Jan 2008

Treesize free states that i used 12381MB of C drive space

  brundle 10:47 14 Jan 2008

Check the root of drive C: for one or several very large files, if it was a folder Treesize would have shown it.

  LOLLowRAM 10:53 14 Jan 2008

it is not a folder.

treesize showed me all the files i already knew

  brundle 10:58 14 Jan 2008

That's what I inferred

  LOLLowRAM 11:00 14 Jan 2008

what did you infer?

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