Question on Lightscribe Technology

  rosie12 12:41 01 Feb 2006

Hi, I have been reading up on this new lightscribe disk drive, does anyone know if I could buy a system with this already installed or do I have to buy a unit and get it installed? I already have a computer but I am about to buy another one so I thought that it might be possible to buy it already installed?.....Thanks

  Diodorus Siculus 12:50 01 Feb 2006

Some manufacturers will install one for you -or you can install your own. I wouldn't limit my choice of PCs simply to get one of these drives.

Mind you, I don't think that the technology is all that it is hyped up to be as yet. Might be worth waiting for a while more.

  Biotech 12:51 01 Feb 2006

Hello - it is very easy to install a DVD writer the lightscribe versions install the same as a non lightscribe. It may be advisable to specify

  rosie12 12:51 01 Feb 2006

Thanks for your advice, I think you are right as it is probably a little expensive at the moment anyway, I have just seen the cost of the disks!!!!!!

  Biotech 12:52 01 Feb 2006

was going to clear and pushed wrong button

  Pikachu 12:52 01 Feb 2006

You can get it with a new system but you need to know what DVD\CD drive drive comes with the system. As only specific drives have that feature.

If you visit:
click here
you will notice lightscribe drives are a little expensive compared to slightly better DVD drives.

For example, on the link I provided you the HP dvd840i Dual Layer 16x LightScribe DVD±RW ReWriter - Retail (Black) (CD-002-HP) costs £44.59 but a better drive Liteon SHM-165P6S-01C 16x DVD±RW/RAM (Beige) which writes DVD RAM and DVD-RW much quicker costs £31.08 (oem) and Liteon SHM-165P6S-02C 16x DVD±RW/RAM (Beige/Black/Silver) £36.37 (retail).

Also with the lightscribe the discs are much expensive as you got to have proper lightscribe disks. Why pay ridicuolus amounts for those disks when you can get better quality and much faster DVD discs and a better drive for a much cost effective price.

  SG Atlantis® 21:27 01 Feb 2006

I have a philips one it costs £50 before christmas. I bought my computer and got the shop to fit it for me at the same time. In honesty I wish I hadn't it's not worth it... click here for other opinions.

The lightscribe is just a novelty really, not practical, images can take upto a half hour to complete!

I use my epson printer to print disks, much better.

  Biotech 21:53 01 Feb 2006

I don't have a printer that prints CDs\DVDs so I paid an extra tenner and got the HP840i, it is really quite a fast burner with a better spec than may be quoted on some sites. You do not have to use the lightscribe all the time, it will burn regular media, keeping the silk screen stuff for special jobs. The discs are not that expensive in a cakebox anyway and the pattern won't come off if it gets damp, if you are a bit artistic you can get some lovely designs printed.

  Biotech 21:57 01 Feb 2006

Quite a little goer really
click here

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