Question for JOE R

  chrissy7 06:09 28 May 2005

Hi, You recently posted a reply to my topic re. mobile fone tracking. The links you gave have got me even more curious than ever, especialy the 'eschelon' element. As to carry on posting on this board is 'off topic' do you know of any forums that would be more appropriate for me to get onto.From what I have read so far it seems every ones privacy is at stake. Keen to find out more. Cheers up front.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 07:43 28 May 2005

click here click here

but they are really for the clinically paranoid only.


  Forum Editor 09:09 28 May 2005

is not at stake, and if you're going to worry about being tracked in this day and age you may as well stop leaving the house. Your movements are tracked via CCTV and your use of debit and/or credit cards anyway, and as you move around the country your mobile phone handshakes with network servers - your phone company knows where your phone is every minute it's switched on.

There's nothing you can do about all this, so forget about it and get on with your life.

  chrissy7 10:22 28 May 2005

Thanks for the reply Mr editor, I am simply intriqued by the use of technology, as a disabled member of the community I dont go far anyway. Maybe I do watch to many films, but what the hell it keeps the mind active would'nt you agree...............Thanks GANDALPH I ll have a look at yor links.

  Joe R 10:31 28 May 2005

click here
click here


another couple for you, I have to say though that I agree with the other postings here.
It reminds me of the "who would hack a home computer" thread, that pops up now and again, and I certainly cannot imagine, why anyone would want to track me or anyone else I know of, unless, their boredom threshhold, is second to none.

  chrissy7 10:40 28 May 2005

Thanks JOE R It seems this thread is causing a fuss. As you will see from the response to the forum ED I simply am just intriqued, I also admit that I do get bored to a degree. I really dont think for one minute anyone would want to track my movements as they would also get bored nor do I think anyone would want to hack into my PC. My questions are born out of pure curiosity. Thanks Guys, I'll close the thread now. Cheers to all.

  Joe R 10:47 28 May 2005


sorry if I gave that impression, I hope that you find what you are looking for.

I don't believe that any postings, should be thought of as causing a fuss, ( though there is one doing the rounds, about A/V ), and everyone is entitled, to go off on a tangent, to what they find interesting.

Best of luck, and regards, Joe.

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