Question for Internet security suite users.

  MeandHer 23:51 24 May 2007

Question for Internet security suite users.
I no there supposed to be all you need,
but do any of you still run any other protection
with them ie spyware,cleaner or adware.

  squillary 01:35 25 May 2007

I've pared it down as much as possible but still use Windows Defender and AVG Antispyware because of its strengths against trojans.

  birdface 09:48 25 May 2007

You always need a stand-by Anti-Spyware program.And maybe run it once a week/fortnight or month,Just in case something slips by your Security Suite.Also SpywareBlaster.There is not a lot more that you need,

  Totally-braindead 20:05 25 May 2007

No malware program is 100% so its best to have another one as has been said and run it every so often so it catches the things that the other has missed.

  MeandHer 20:18 25 May 2007

So do you still need programs like adaware se,
Ccleaner and regscrubxp.

  birdface 20:35 25 May 2007

Well ,I still have C Cleaner,and have never tried Reg Scrub,None of the 2 are for spyware or catching Virus's just to keep your computer clean,Ad-Aware SE is not one of the best freebies,A Squared mmight be a better choice,

  Strawballs 21:52 25 May 2007

I have the McAffe on one of my machines but still use Adaware se, spybot S&D, Spyware blaster and rougue remover.

  Totally-braindead 13:36 26 May 2007

I think part of the problem here is you're not sure what program does what.
Ccleaner and regscrub are for cleaning up your computer and sorted out the registry they are not Malware programs.
Malware programs include AVG antispware, AdAware, Spybot, SpywareBlaster and Superantispyware. All of them are free, the AVG product is free for 30 days and then only runs when you scan with it if you don't purchase it but you can still get all the updates etc.
What you want is
One anti virus product
One firewall
And if you buy a Internet security suite that has both of these and even if it has some sort of antispyware built in at least one other antispyware/malware program. One you can update and run once a week.
Its up to you what you choose, I would suggest the AVG antispyware or AdAware or Spybot. You can have all three if you like but they only run when you scan with them which means you have to manually scan with them once a week or so.

By the way there is such as thing as being too careful, paranoid I would call it personally.
There was someone last year who had 13 antispyware programs on his PC. Yes you heard right 13, I pointed out to him that with so many he must spend a great deal of time updating and scanning and I was surprised he found any time to use the computer. Must have upset him as he never replied. Anyway I would also like to point out that most, not all but most, spyware is harmless.

Pick your security suite if thats the way you want to go, personally I use free programs but if I did want a suite I would probably buy Kaspersky and add perhaps two of the free antispyware/malware programs. Keep them up to date and scan with them regularly. Practise a bit of common sense and safe surfing and you will be fine.
Go to dodgy sites and no matter what precautions you take and what anti virus program you use you will get hit by viruses. Common sense is the best tool against viruses. And of course an up to date anti virus program.

  davidprc 01:17 27 May 2007

Think what you need security for, if it is mainly for internet use then a FW, an AV-Avira- and Sandboxie will protect you very well.

Add Superantispyware for regular scans.

  squillary 12:21 27 May 2007

In addition to Totally-braindead's list I should mention rootkit detection and Intrusion Detection software for those without a suite. The suite I use includes both those and does registry cleaning too. I do have RegscrubXP but rarely use it now and all it picks up nowadays is Adobe Flash and Shockwave which it manages to screw up if I accept its suggestions.

On the freebies, I'm seeing comments quite regularly that Spybot is so far behind the game as to be worth removing altogether. Adaware seems far the better option among the freebies (itself not a patch on AVGAS which I use in place of both).

  al7478 14:50 27 May 2007

Thats strange squillary. Last year, even Symantec admitted that their spyware detection is not as good as spybot, and i thought it was very well thought of?

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