Question for [email protected] !!!

  User-6D9C7ECD-6DDA-4B14-9C396D58713D0EC1 22:01 14 Mar 2004

This is a BT related question that started a while ago with me trying to get BT to disconnect me from a line concentrator so i could get BB.

So, i have now been hooked up to the exchange from the concentrator and BB should be up and running by the end of the week!!

So cheers to [email protected] and the other posters. Next question, where the BT line enters my house in the bedroom i have my PC in, the Master Socket is more of a master box with no phone jack socket. So i use an extension cord from my front room to get online. I want to relace the box with a Master Socket ( A NTE5 i believe) so i have a direct hook up nad it will be far neater, should please the wife!

Can u buy a master socket because i know technically you are not meant to mess around with them because they belong to BT and are part of their system. Any advice people?

You don't have to be [email protected] to help!! LOL

  Djohn 22:25 14 Mar 2004

That's true Galliano but it does help as [email protected]@m is former BT ;o)

I can't help with this either but I'm sure others will be able to.

Regards to both. j.


Well that explains his encyclopedic knowledge of BT then! ;)

  [email protected]@m 10:08 15 Mar 2004

There should be an NTE5 somewhere! If not, BT will have to come out and fit one (for free).

These diagrams should help click here

Nope, there is a box that has all the internals of the NTE5 but no socket to plug into!!

Looks like it was original to the house, maybe 30 yrs old?

  [email protected]@m 11:37 15 Mar 2004

OK, report that to BT, they will send an engineer. A BT line must be presented on a NTE5, it is the demarcation point.

Cheers Graham, will drop them a line.

Thanks for all the help, will drop u a line when BB is up and running. If you are in the Windsor area you can claim a free pint off me!!

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