A question on Excel vba security and trust

  Chris the Ancien 18:35 27 Dec 2005

I couldm't think of expressing what I want to ask in a simple title!

I have an Excel workbook that I want to pass to other people. But that workbook contains macros.

A lot of Excel users have their macro security level set to high - for obvious reasons. And, consequently have to go through changing their security settings just for my workbook.

Is there a method whereby they can add my workbook as being trusted and then not need to go through all the security changing procedures each time they want to use my workbook?

  VoG II 18:54 27 Dec 2005

Have you considered using click here

Personally I think it is sufficient to set the security level to Medium. They would then be prompted about running macros.

  johnnyrocker 18:57 27 Dec 2005

my experience of shared workbooks with this is that when opening it windows prompts that "book contains macros do you wish to enable macros?" and one clicks yes and can work ok on the book, would it cause a prob if the shares saved as?


  Chris the Ancien 19:14 27 Dec 2005

I didn't try that coz I didn't find it!

And if that don't do it, nuffink will!



  VoG II 19:16 27 Dec 2005

If you use that approach, your users will still get a prompt but at least they won't have to change any settings.

On your PC you shouldn't get any message if you digitally sign your projects.

  Simsy 21:58 27 Dec 2005

selfCert, as described by VoG™, this is the best method...

What your users will have to do is set the security setting to "Medium"...

Then when they open one of your workbooks with macros they will get the warning prompt...

The important thing is that on this warning prompt dialogue there is a box that can be ticked that says something like, "always trust workbooks digitally signed with this signature"

They can then set the security setting back to high.

However, (always one!!), I have found that at my place of work the security on the network is such that it doesn't recognise the certificate I have made at home as a "safe" one, and wont recognise it as a "Trusted source". Unfortunately it takes ages to check and tell you that. My macros can still be run, but only if the security setting is not on "High".

Good luck,



  Chris the Ancien 22:04 27 Dec 2005

I had a further read into the link that VoG™ offered.

There is a minor caveat! It only works across a network. :o((

Short of having someone professional certify the thing, it looks like I'm stuck with persuading the end user to to use 'medium' security and then enable the macros. However, I will point out that if they have a good, up-to-date virus checker, they can (at their own risk) set the security to low. And I will include a statement that the workbook has been sent out as fully virus checked and virus free.

  VoG II 22:06 27 Dec 2005

It works here - not on a network.

  Chris the Ancien 22:32 27 Dec 2005

I can get it to work in my 'home' environment as well, but having read the 2003 details, it was on about it being OK across internal networks once accepted, but seemed to insinuate that once it left the network it wouldn't.

As there have been no complaints about the beta and version 1 of my 'software' (coz I explained about the virus protection in the 'User Guide'), I'm not going to lose the last two hairs left on my head chasing this little bit and keep my revisions that I'm making for version 2 down to the more needed additions and changes that have been suggested by users. That's enough fun as it is - as you may have guessed from recent other questions that I've posed here. ;o))


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