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  PaulOwen 09:07 23 May 2004

I am doing a spreadsheet. What I want to know is, is there a formula that I can put a date in for the last day of each month for each cell rather than typing it in everytime? (I have several to do) I believe you type the formula in one cell then drag the + sign down to enter the formula in each cell after. Many thanks.


  VoG II 09:29 23 May 2004

You can use EOMONTH which is included in the Analysis ToolPak. The ToolpPak is not installed by default.

Say you have the date 1-JAN-04 in cell A3. Then in B3 enter the formula


and format cell B3 as a date. You can then drag the formula down.

To load the Analysis ToolPak, Tools/Add-ins and tick Analysis ToolPak.

  PaulOwen 09:37 23 May 2004

I tried that but it enters the same date in each cell!?

  VoG II 09:42 23 May 2004

I've tried it:

with 1-jan-04 in cell A3 it returns 31-jan-04 in B3

with 1-feb-04 in A4 it returns 29-feb-04 in B4

and so on.

Perhaps a bit more explanation of what data you have and what you are trying to achieve...

  PaulOwen 09:51 23 May 2004

I already have formulas in columns either side. I am trying a similar spreadsheet as to that of Daz's you helped him with yestarday i.e balances, closing balances etc. Also are you able to do it as the last working/weekday of each month rather than the last day?

  VoG II 10:00 23 May 2004

Have a read click here and see if any of it helps.

  PaulOwen 10:06 23 May 2004

Thanks VoG that is well complicated and advanced for me! I think I will type in each date.

  PaulOwen 10:18 23 May 2004

Going back to your original suggestion will it help if I arrange my spreadsheet so I don't have any formulas in the columns either side of the date column?

  PaulOwen 12:02 23 May 2004


  [email protected]® 13:08 23 May 2004

I have got to the same point as Paul if someone could help further.

  VoG II 14:06 23 May 2004

It shouldn't matter what is in other columns. Are you saying that the above formula does not work when you copy it down the column?

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