A+ question driving me insane.....

  Woodie29 14:36 26 Jul 2005

Hi there, I am doing my A+ mock exams at the moment and there is the following question that is driving me nuts, I would really appreciate any kind of help....
Q. You store a file named file.doc on the hard disk of an MS-DOS 5.0 computer. You attempt to open the file File.doc file in a word processor and the word processor indicates that the File.doc file is corrupted, Which of the following will cause this? (select 2 Choices)
A) An incorrectly configured msdos.sys file
B) An incorrectly configured io.sys file
C) A damaged HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG subkey in the registry
D) A computer virus
E) A defective hard disk

E is one of my choices but I am perplexed and bewildered as to which my next choice should be...
Woodie xx

  mjf85 14:50 26 Jul 2005

At A level I cant see them asking you a question like this apart from to confuse you, so working on this logic I am going to say a virus as your second asnwer as the others are far too complicated at this level for you to worry about. Also the amount of information they have given you in the question indicates to me that it is trying to confuse, making you think it is harder than it really is.

Answer D and E

  Woodie29 15:13 26 Jul 2005

Thanks for this - I was kinda thinking along those lines myself but just wanted to clarify this with someone else. I have come to the conclusion that all the questions are either to baffle you with 95 and win 3.1 questions or to make the questions so convuluted that you can't understand them...

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