Question for AOL users.

  [email protected] 16:33 01 Dec 2006

I have been helping a pal shift from one ISP to another (AOL-dial up to ADSL Free.Fr).
For one week he has been using the new ISP to access his AOL email from the Internet connection rather than his AOL software. As all appeared OK, the AOL software has been uninstalled. During the process, an AOL window prompted some stuff would be saved to the Desktop. This duly arrived as AOLPFC.[sorry, not sure of the file extension, it may be AOL.PFC!]
My pal has since found that a folder, "Manage Email", which used to be on his AOL interface, is not on the new interface which he still accesses via the net. There were some emails there to which he would still like access. The question is this:
Has that folder gone into the ether?
Is the folder on the Desktop what he wants and if so, how is it opened?
Would a system restore bring it all back?
Welcome any advice and thanks in advance.

  [email protected] 16:37 01 Dec 2006

PS: No prizes for guessing who un-installed it :-(

  alB 16:49 01 Dec 2006

If I remember correctly, the AOLPFC file (Personal Filing Cabinet) can only be opened with the AOL browser software, try reinstalling it, copy the saved folder back into the browser open the emails you want and save them to a different location on the PC then remmove the browser again, hope this helps ...alB

  alB 16:50 01 Dec 2006

remmove - remove

  [email protected] 16:50 01 Dec 2006

OK alB, I'll give it try on Monday. Thanks for the advice.

  SB23 16:51 01 Dec 2006

AolPFC is a favourites folder, as far as I'm aware.
Whenever I have had to uninstall the Aol software it always puts that folder on the desktop, I assume so that you can use it later, but I always end up deleting it, as I have never been able to reuse it.


  [email protected] 17:09 01 Dec 2006

Hmm, not good then. Just have to take the lid off next week. Thanks SB23.

  Diemmess 17:18 01 Dec 2006

A paste from Aols help
Restore your PFC from a backup copy ~~~~~~~~~~~~

Note: When you restore your PFC, the backup copy replaces your current copy.

To restore your Saved on My PC (PFC) folder in AOL 9.0:

Click the Email menu, then click Email Settings.
In the Email Settings window, click the Manage Saved Email button, then click Restore.

In the Restore Your Personal Storage window, click the Yes button.
Click the Save button.~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Iffy is the word I think. It depends on whether you value the past emails more than the latest ones .... even if you succeed!

Me, I leave it to Aol because they seem to have it taped for me and like SB28 I have never succeeded in using that DT folder.

This very day I have been able to restore everything in a new OS, but that works only if still with the Aol software and some logical planning before the change is made.

  feb 17:26 01 Dec 2006

Hi [email protected]

Are you retrieving the mail via,

  [email protected] 17:38 01 Dec 2006

Hi. I took great care to make sure all emails are intact but my pal never mentioned to me there was old stuff tucked away in a folder called "Manage Email". OK, maybe I should have asked something like "is there more".
All the normal mail is intact and accessible via the new ISP to the net, then to AOL.COM then just to Log In > Screen Name > Email etc.
It is AOL UK by the way.

  Diemmess 17:54 01 Dec 2006

Unless by some miracle there is a recent image of the whole works, I think the missing email is gone.

No personal experience of XP so I assume System Restore will not restore details within a large application (Aol), and believe me it is a very long path to 2 critical files 5 folders into Documents and Settings, to find IDB and ORGANIZE which are the folders you need.

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