Question answered.................but

  _Treb_ 20:52 13 Mar 2003

Please allow me this little gripe. I'm fairly new here and I am not a computer wizz. However if I am able to help someone with their problem/question I am more than happy to do so. My gripe is that when a problem/question is resolved, some people either do not bother to end their thread or they end it without letting the rest of us know which advice was used to solve their problem or whether they solved it via another source. I'm sure that some people could find solutions to their questions simply by reading properly resolved threads. Thanks for reading this. Going to post this in Consumer Watch too.Gripe ended.

  A Pound of Sausages 20:56 13 Mar 2003

There seems to be more of these "no one is polite anymore" threads than the old standards (AMD v Intel etc).

  VoG™ 20:56 13 Mar 2003

I agree with you 100%

However, this has been discussed on countless occasions in the past and no doubt will be again.

The trouble is that you cannot force people who can't be bothered to tick or say what worked, let alone say thank you.

Once you've been here a while you will become almost immune to these feelings.

  spikeychris 21:04 13 Mar 2003

"Once you've been here a while you will become almost immune to these feelings"... you misserable .... bad day at the office? ;o)


  AndyJ 21:11 13 Mar 2003

Yep..agree. However, I have found (as I'm sure many people have) that many users - probably in grateful relief - email their appreciation to the person that has finally solved there headache for them (I'm sure VoG and many others have experienced this).

While it is encouraging for the "solver", you are quite right in saying that the solution should be posted in the forum for future reference.

Personally, I have always copied any email back onto the forum. But it does get irksome having to do it, when you find the originator hasn't bothered to include it in their own posting or close the posting.

However, small irritations like this are certainly not going to put me off what has to be one of - if not the - best forum I've come across. It's great that even those with little knowledge can mix it with those of superb IT knowledge with little or no fear of being ridiculed in the process. I consider myself relatively profficient in IT matters, but I certainly learn something here virtually on a daily basis and it never ceases to amaze me how some people use computers for things I've never even considered.

Keep it up guys and gals.

  VoG™ 21:11 13 Mar 2003

No, quite a good day at the office - at least 1/2 day playing with Excel - sad I know but I'm easily amused.

With hindsight I should have written "You'll get used to it if you stick around."

  Forum Editor 21:12 13 Mar 2003

but VoG™ is right. There's nothing we can do to make people tick threads/tell us what worked if they decide not to do it, or simply forget.

My own feeling is that often people are so relieved to have had the problem solved that they genuinely forget to come back to their thread. That's life, and it's been that way ever since we introduced the tick. Imagine what it was like in the beginning - no ticks at all!

I think we have to accept that we're here to help,and leave it at that.

  _Treb_ 14:49 14 Mar 2003

Thanks guys for the input, glad I,m not the only one.

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