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  merc. 16:05 11 Dec 2007

I have managed to format my old computer and reinstall XP after the help from here.

My question now is do I have to go back into the bios and alter the start up procedure or dose it just start if there is no disc in drive.

One thing I did have relating to the start from the CD was my computer has 2 CD drives one says DVD-ROM on front of it the other says RW-16-10 I always thought the CD-ROM was the one used to set first in the bios after about 5 attempts to start from this drive I put the XP disc in the re-write drive bay and it loaded ox from there where it carried out the format and reinstall

Thanks again


  Crash 16:20 11 Dec 2007

It will start ok as long as there is no system disk in any of the dvd drives it will if it does it will tell you if you want to boot from the cd press any key, just don't press any keys and it will load up. It will be quicker if you set the 1st boot device to the hard drive as then it won't search the dvd drives first. Hope this helps

  Quiller. 16:22 11 Dec 2007

You don't have to change the settings in the bios, so long as you don't leave disks in the drive when you shut down. The computer will skip the cdrom and go straight to the hard drive.

If you want to shave 1 or 2 seconds off the boot time, put your hard drive down as first boot.

As to the two drives and picking the right one to boot an installation from. You should be able to set either one as the firsat boot in most bios's.

PS I have been caught out a few times with putting the disk in the wrong drive before today:)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:23 11 Dec 2007

Usually the RW drive is set as Master on the cable (they prefer it that way)

do I have to go back into the bios and alter the start up procedure or dose it just start if there is no disc in drive.

No leave it as it is, if you boot the PC without a Bootable CD in the drive it will just move onto the next bootable device i.e. the HDD.

One word of caution If I forget and leave a blank CD in my RW drve and boot the PC it sometimes hangs (never happend on my other PCs. I nearly reformated and installed on my PC once because of this It was only the fact I needed to put the XP disk in the drive that i realised the problem.

  merc. 17:29 11 Dec 2007

Thanks all for replies

First time doing a reinstall,had a few hairy moments during the process in the end all went well,certainly took long time to get all the windows updates installed 83 in all, less IE7 kept it off "don't like it"

Did not think the RW would be set as master learn every day.


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