Question about protecting a Word document

  exdragon 09:30 08 Jul 2006

Hi - I've got a document in Word 2003 which will go on a website to be offered as an alternative to a pdf document. It needs to be filled in on screen, as it were.

I've been reading the solutions in the Search option, but am not sure if the document needs to be in a different format, ie, not just a document with spaces for names & addresses etc. Or does the whole thing need to be re-designed as a Form? Or can I just add form fields to the original document?

I can protect it, but can't see how to unprotect sections - how do you define a section?

Off out for breakfast but will check back later! Thanks

  exdragon 15:38 08 Jul 2006

No ideas, anyone??

  ade.h 17:15 08 Jul 2006

Given the angle from which you're coming here - use on a website - you would probably have got more replies in Webdesign. I'm only looking at this section out of boredom!

It sounds to me as if you are trying to cobble together a Heath-Robinson solution to a problem that is actually cured simply; put an HTML form on your website and link it to a PHP file.

Perhaps if you give more info about this project and your aims, I can help further.

  exdragon 19:49 08 Jul 2006

ade.h - it's an entry form for an international photography competition which will require entrants to complete their names & addresses, plus a couple of other sections. As I mentioned, it's already being sent as a pdf file, with a Word doc being offered as an alternative. The things which need to be protected are the rules, logos, prices etc

I did search on protecting Word docs, but didn't fully understand how to 'unprotect' sections of the document, hence my question. I don't know how to do an html form, and don't know what a PHP file is. I'm sorry that I can't put a link to the document, as it isn't as yet on our website. Perhaps it'd be better left as just a pdf file.

  ade.h 20:33 08 Jul 2006

Ah, I see. So it's a download. Are you sure that you need an alternative to the PDF? Are your recipients likely to be without Adobe Reader?

Personally, I would definitely use a form on your site. How easy it is depends on your web authoring software, but the PHP file is very simple once you figure out how to create one. If you wanted to make an HTML form, I would be willing to write the PHP file for you, as it would only take a few minutes of my time, but I can understand if you don't feel confident about taking that route!

As for protecting a Word doc, it can be done with a setting, but it may not be proof. On the other hand, the recipients would be unlikely to edit it.

  exdragon 20:45 08 Jul 2006

Thanks = perhaps you're right and the pdf may be the best route. It's going to be used world wide, from here to NZ, Far East and all points in between. Not a photographer, are you? I can send you an entry form!!

Forgive the jocularity - the problem has driven me to drink and the 2nd bottle of red has been opened...

  ade.h 21:04 08 Jul 2006

"Not a photographer, are you?"

Amateur, yes. Though it hasn't received much of my time lately!

For you, PDF is the best option (next to a form on the site) as different people have different versions of Office and you would have to save it as an old version to help with compatability. But then Office 12 Beta users may not be able to use it if it doesn't yet have the converters.

  Bramblerose 23:28 08 Jul 2006

You can create a word doc as a form - only the fields that you want to be completed will be available for completion once you have protected the rest of the document.

Not sure how it would work if you were to save it as an .rtf instead of word though - I think an. rtf can be opened by most word versions?

Use the form toolbar on word and the help files or if you want me to look at it for you, I would be happy to.

  VoG II 23:50 08 Jul 2006

I would have (in fact I have!) gone for the Forms approach also if you really want a Word document.

A note of caution: I have experienced Word 2000 forms that refuse to unlock and I know that others have experienced this too. They will unlock in later versions of Word.

If you couldn't finish that second bottle I'd be happy to help out ;o)

  exdragon 23:54 08 Jul 2006

VoG™ - oh dear, sorry, I'm afraid the third has gone the way of the second. Not all on my own, I must add! I'm still sober enough to have been able to do the washing up, though, once I'd found the kitchen...

I'll think about the forms tomorrow -thanks!

  VoG II 00:02 09 Jul 2006

You can send me yours or I can send you mine! I can't promise a quick reply as I'm off to geriatric land twice tomorrow. Parents, who would have them!

I think I can manage without the wine - we had friends round tonight and I bought a bottle of Scotch for 'him' as that's all he drinks but he only had one glass. I'm just tidying up. Hic!

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