A question about programming languages

  random-fish 00:38 24 Jun 2009


a ittle info first. i am a writer who doesn't really know that much about computers but i am interested.

for the continuation of my current piece i need to know if it is theorically possible for an individual to create a complete programming language.

thank you very much

  Monument 07:59 24 Jun 2009

Both C and C++ were developed by individuals; Dennis Ritchie and Bjarne Stroustrup respectively.

  Rigga 08:41 24 Jun 2009

Well it all depends on what you are really asking. Computers do not run C or C++ code or VB or any other type of readable programming language code.

Computers all run machine code. > click here <

People write compilers that take the readable programming language code, whatever that is, and compile it into machine code.

It is very possible to create your own programming language, all you really need to understand is how to compile whatever is in the readable form into machine code that the computer can understand.

(I say "all you really need to understand" it is a very complex task, but is very possible.)

You could write a compiler that took "coded" code, by that I mean the readable text could be something that only you understood; to others it could be complete gibberish.

However once compiled it could be understood by anyone that understands machine code, it is fairly easy to take any compiled executable and examine the machine code within.


  random-fish 00:05 25 Jun 2009

thanks guys that has helped a lot.

  havencroft 13:19 25 Jun 2009

Every programming language was created by one or more individuals. Even machine code was developed by one or more people also. Remeber that computers are just mechanical/electronic machines that can only operate by being civen instructions. Machine language was the first set of instructions and computer languages followed to make it simpler to enter machine instructions in a language that was simler for humans to understand and comprehend. After all comuters are machines that can't think or act without being told what to do. :)

  Terry Brown 13:40 01 Jul 2009

If you are interested, Windows is not one programing language, but a series of micro routines linked together by what is known as DLL files
Hhave you used a Spreadsheet , if so you will know that you can have (E.G) a value of 5 in box a1 , value 10 in box b1 to create a value in box c1.

Change the valut of a1 or a2 and you change the end result.

Dll files work the same way, the routine you are using 'calls'(copies) a routine from the operating system, applies it's own values (Parameters) then runs that routine, when It has finished, that routine is then finished and the program calls the next routine.
To give you an idea of the windows XP system, download SIW.exe (System information for Windows), and have a look at the routines in running XP.


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