Question about PlusNet Fibre Optic Broadband & Installation please

  Audio~~Chip 19:48 25 Mar 2014

Hello Going to change from current O2/Sky Broadband and move to PlusNet Fibre optic broadband.

This will be my first time on Fibre Optic Broadband. I have checked to see its available to our address and it is.

What I want to know is they state a engineer has to come out and fit upto a 30mtr cable from the Master Socket.

My Desktop is connected by Lan Cable in my upstairs room where my current ADSL router is very close to it and a Fixed Wall socket which is hard wired into the Master socket which is down stairs. I do not have any of these tacky make shift temp extension cables.

With my having my Router currently connected to my Socket in the upstairs room and hard wired into the downstairs master socket, am i correct in thinking the BT engineer from PlusNet will be able to just simply change the double upstairs socket as its wired corectly instead of fitting a new cable run from downstairs.

Thanks for reading and will call back in a few hours. Cheers Steven

  Secret-Squirrel 09:57 26 Mar 2014

Even though the upstairs socket is "hard wired", it's still effectively an extension socket. With fibre, broadband is only available from the dedicated socket on the front of the new master socket that the chap will fit so it won't be present on any house extension sockets.

As far as I know, the "30mtr cable" you mentioned is an Ethernet cable that goes from the new router to your PC.

By all means, ask the chap for advice when he arrives to setup your broadband, but if he says he can only install a really long network cable then a HomePlug starter-kit like this one will enable you to get an Internet connection upstairs without any extra wires - providing of course that you've got a couple of free mains sockets. They don't always work effectively when plugged into power-strip extensions.

  bobpullen 10:04 26 Mar 2014

Hi Steven,

If you're nice to the engineer (stock up on tea and biscuits!) then chances are he'll relocate your master socket to the upstairs room. That's certainly my experience anyway.

Best regards,

Bob Pullen - Plusnet

  rdave13 14:40 26 Mar 2014

I'm not sure you need to fiddle around moving sockets. I just went wireless with everything, including the desktop. The BT modem and rebadged Thomson router are hidden inside a vented cupboard. I made sure that there were two mains sockets available near the BT master socket. Plusnet reckoned I'd get about 17 meg download speed but I get 25 meg speed even from the dongle on the PC. Took him longer to test the system than installing it.

Next step is to find a standby router I can play with.

  bobpullen 14:46 26 Mar 2014

I'd suggest against using wireless for any devices your want to benefit from the full capacity of your connection.

You'd need to have a very clean wireless signal and a capable router to get anywhere close to 76Mbps throughput (assuming your line supports these speeds course). It's highly unlikely you'll consistently get much more than ~30Mbps throughput using the router we supply.

Best to use Powerline adapters like Secret-Squirrel has suggested (200Mbps minimum) or have the Openreach engineer relocate the master socket, especially if you're going to be replying on the Desktop to serve/stream media to other devices in your household.


Bob Pullen - Plusnet

  Audio~~Chip 13:56 03 Apr 2014

Hello everyone Sorry for not getting back sooner, work and no play. I agree with Bob Pullen from PlusNet to have the Master Socket moved to my upstairs room. Would this be an extra cost does anyone know.

Thanks to everyone who posted: Secret-Squirrel, Rdave13 & Bob Pullen !

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