A question about Picaso 3.

  spuds 14:21 11 Jun 2015

I have recently re-installed Picaso 3 onto my W7 computer, having removed this quite some time ago, from a previous old install, that I was having a problem with.

When importing from a card reader, the contents on the card are displayed. Using the bottom on-screen tags on the program, I have " Import to:" with the option of "pictures", clicking on this, I then have an option "Folder title", filling out a title, then leaves me with "After copy" with three options, two being "Leave card alone" or " deletions". I can go no further that that, because everything else is blanked out.

This is then leaving me in a rather inconvenient manner, of not being able to email any photographic content.

Obviously, I am possibly doing something wrong, and perhaps a forum member might have the answer to this?.

The other thing that I find interesting, is in the import stage, it would appear that the brother printer I use is listed, and not the card reader?.

  Forum Editor 18:29 11 Jun 2015

Just so we're clear....

You select the card to import from, and the images all appear in the left-hand pane.

'Pictures' is the default save location, and will be pre-selected as the 'import to' location - don't click on anything there unless you want your images to go into an existing folder in Picasa. If you do, select it, and you'll then need to enter a sub-folder title in the folder title field. Otherwise just enter the name of a new folder in the 'folder title' field, select what you want to do from the 'after copying' list, and you should now be able to click the 'import all' icon on the bottom right of the window. Picasa will create the new folder, and put all the images into it - the folder will appear in the folder list.

  john bunyan 18:46 11 Jun 2015

I suspect there is another card reader in your printer?

  hssutton 19:17 11 Jun 2015

At the input stage all my hard drives, printer and card reader are displayed. However you may need to set the default email program as follows.

Windows Vista / Windows 7

Click the Start menu on your computer taskbar.
Select Default Programs.
Select Set your default programs.
Choose your preferred default email application under the Programs list. The available options will depend on the applications you have installed on your computer.
Once you've selected your email application, make sure to click Set this program as default.
Click OK to save your settings.
  hssutton 19:28 11 Jun 2015

Oh dear that was a mess, but I think you can see it all.

With regards to only your printer being displayed, when I select Import I get my both my card readers plus the card reader on my printer

  spuds 16:16 12 Jun 2015

I am still not getting on very well with this, and refer back to the original introduction. The contents on the card imports, but at the bottom of the screen, I have the choice mentioned above, then two further boxes "import all" and "import selected (0)" is blanked out, with the only option of "cancel".

With regards to 'after copying', I am given the option of "leave card alone"- "delete everything on card" - "delete only copied photos". The only problem there, is that I am not sure, because of fear of losing something that I might regret, if that makes sense. "Leave card alone" whatever that means, doesn't seem to do anything!.

The Brother DCP-135C printer does have a usb slot for camera or card reader, but no slots for direct card insertion.

The other problem that I am now having is three blue screens, since trying to use the devices and software. Microsoft warning message suggest that I un-install these, then possibly go into the bios and check caching and shadowing?.

  spuds 16:19 12 Jun 2015

hssutton, what you wrote yesterday, that appears on my screen in yellow, is mostly blanked out with some form of trending video adverts. Is that what you are referring about in your comment?.

  hssutton 17:05 12 Jun 2015

Spuds it was a copy/paste job, but when I looked at the advert 'Adlock' allowed me to get rid of the it. I expected you to have the same option. So here you are again. I found this doing a search about picasa as it would appear a lot of people have had the same problem as you regarding emails. I'm guessing that as I have a google email account I didn't have the same problem. It would pay to have a google email account, as you are limited in size and quantity of images you can email using a non google account.

"Click the Start menu on your computer taskbar>>Select Default Programs". Now Select 'Set your default programs'.
Choose your preferred default email application under the Programs list. The available options will depend on the applications you have installed on your computer. Once you've selected your email application, make sure to click set this program as default. Click OK to save to save your settings

  spuds 11:13 13 Jun 2015

hssutton, thanks again for the help you have offered.

I am still experimenting with this (time permitting). With the email problem, there does appear to be a linking problem, because everytime I attempt to send an email via Picaso 3, a 'drop-down' page appears, informing me to open a Gmail or Picture Live Gallery account, which I am not very keen about doing. Not doing this, seems to render the sending of emails impossible. In the end, it might be a case of having to open a Gmail account, and see if things are resolved.

I'll come back with further news, but at present, I have a number of things going on, that requires more urgent attention.

(Perhaps its me again, but I wish this new PCA website format would provide a time stamp to responses, like it did previously, which I use to find very helpful.)

  Forum Editor 13:31 13 Jun 2015

Picasa is very good, and usually functions perfectly. Provided you follow the instructions I gave above you should have no problems with importing images from any location into a folder that you create during the import process.

As far as the card options are concerned, it's best to select the 'leave card alone' option until you feel comfortable using the software. You can always delete images manually later.

When it comes to email, Picasa will offer you your default email program, provided you have one installed. The default program will always come top of the list, although you will be offered the chance to use or create a Gmail account as well - Picasa is free Google software, remember.

  bumpkin 18:30 13 Jun 2015

Hello Spuds, glad you are still around, not heard from you in Speakers for a while.

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