Question about netbooks and DVDs

  exdragon 09:38 31 Jul 2010

Silly question, I expect, but never mind. I want to buy a Samsung N220 netbook for travelling, but how can I watch films (not downloaded) on it? I've looked at loads of things on Google, but am just getting more confused.

I thought most films were copywrited, so how can you copy them to anything and then transfer them to the netbook? If you can, with what? Most of the articles I've read just seem to give lists of software.

I really have a mental block about the whole media thing, so words of one syllable would be helpful!

  Technotiger 09:56 31 Jul 2010

All you need to watch DVD's is click here

  Ian in Northampton 09:56 31 Jul 2010

One of the things that makes a netbook so small and lightweight is that they don't include an optical drive. If the movie you want to watch is on DVD, you'll need to borrow/acquire an external DVD drive (USB) and copy the movie to your hard drive. If you come up against copyright etc. issues then, as you've found, there are software solutions. Oh, and depending on the OS you're using, you may need to load a software DVD player.

  exdragon 10:05 31 Jul 2010

Technotiger - I guess that will be fine for when I'm static, but won't it look a bit silly if I'm on a plane/coach/train?

Ian in Northampton - I've got external drives & memory sticks for my desktop and laptop, but it isn't just a case of copying, is it? Copywrite permitting. I thought it involved file formats and things.

Told you I had a block :-(

  exdragon 10:06 31 Jul 2010

The netbook comes with Windows 7 Starter.

  Technotiger 10:45 31 Jul 2010

Why would it look silly? Works off USB no Power Supply needed.

  Ian in Northampton 11:26 31 Jul 2010

Exdragon: there is software out there - CloneDVD, DVD Shrink, DVD Decrypter are three I use - that allow you to copy (most) copy-ptotected DVDs to your hard drive. But I'd try it first just as a simple copy, and see what happens. It might work.

  woodchip 11:44 31 Jul 2010

AS above I have a Samsung nc10 DVD drive works direct off USB. So you watch films that way but it dose come then as two lumps to carry about

  exdragon 15:16 31 Jul 2010

Thanks, all of you. I asked a chap in John Lewis this morning, but he said the quality wasn't any good. He then got very enthusiastic about the iPad! However, the conversation ground to a halt when I asked how I could get images off my compact flash card onto the iPad. The suggestion of putting them on the PC and then transferring via iTunes isn't very practical whilst travelling.

As a rule, do you reckon Samsung netbooks are the best in general terms? They always see to be at the top of any reviews.

  woodchip 21:34 31 Jul 2010

Samsung is as good if not better than any other you can get

  Strawballs 21:53 31 Jul 2010

Running external DVD drive while traveling will also shorten the life of the netbooks battery.

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