a question about memory

  Cessna 19:41 05 Sep 2005

i am wanting to upgrade my RAM from 1 gig to 2 gigs. i ran my pc through the Crucial memory tester and it told me that i had 3 slots for memory and one was still available.

so at the moment i have two strips of 512, both of which are 184 pin DDR 2700.

can i just put in therefore a 1 gig strip of the same memory type in the third slot? will a 1 gig RAM strip exist happily beside and in sequence to two 512s?

its just i recall about needing to pair up memory. so would i get a faster speed if i bought two 1 gig identical memory strips and put them in? if this is so i wonder why there are three slots?

so im not sure. what would be faster???
2 x 512 PLUS 1 x 1 gig
OR 2 x 1 gig???

  ACOLYTE 19:47 05 Sep 2005

There should'nt be any problems putting a 1 gig module with 2 512's,there are 3 slots so you can have 3 gig,probably all the mobo supports.They shouls all run the same speed as long as they are the same type.

  Pooke 20:31 05 Sep 2005

I would just get the 1 gig stick in addition to the two 512 sticks you have, it's the most economical solution.

Anyway, what are doing with the system that you'll benefit from going from one gig to two?

I have 2 x 512mb PC3200 DDR RAM modules (matched). I can tell you my system never utilizes all that RAM.

I'd try defragmenting your HDD(S) and a good clean out. Try click here is good and well trusted by most of the forum.


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