Question about editing boot.ini file!!! Yikes!

  Major Disaster 20:47 01 Mar 2006


I have just somehow avoided a real Major Disaster with my new computer, phew. Bascially a trial of Acronis Disk Director didnt seem to install well and i was stuck in an endless loop of boot > Acronis straight away (no Safe Mode to be able to fix the problem - System Restore, ERUNT, uninstall programme from Windows etc.) Somehow i came out smiling.

Now still shaken from my experiences i want to add the option to boot to safe mode in my boot menue, so i can always fix my problems from in Windows. I have seen a guide click here
and was a little scared when it talked of editing boot.ini

I was wondering would you trust this guide? Should i back up first? Make a restore point? Make an ERUNT registry backup? Backup boot.ini file (somehow)?

Also have you seen Acronis True Image 9 anywhere for a good price (now shocked into the need to backup)?!

Thanks for the help!

  woodchip 20:52 01 Mar 2006

Don't know how you got your nickers in a twist with disc director, But it's good IDEA to have a Acronis Image for such occasions

  Major Disaster 21:01 01 Mar 2006

I know me neither. Well i installed a trial of it and noticed that after uninstalling it i got MBR Error 3 at start up (yikes again) i searched on the net and it said to fix it reinstall disk director. Did so and it even noticed the old install, offering to repair it. Did that and rebooted.

Boot sequence ran (cd, floppy, HDD etc.) then Acronis IMMEDIATELY popped up "updating files". i left it to do this and it seemed to freeze. So i was stuck in a loop of Boot > Acronis, or Boot > Bios > Acronis, but i good bit of F key bashing seemed to work.

So i assume you would reccomend acronis image then woodchip?

  woodchip 21:04 01 Mar 2006

Yes and I use both the above.

  Zeppelyn 22:13 01 Mar 2006

I case of disaster why not keep a copy of ntldr, and boot.ini (all on c:\) on floppy or bootable USB disk. XP will then boot. For Win2000 add CMDLR.

You could then copy to C: drive when up and running. Has come in handy for me more than once.

  Major Disaster 18:01 02 Mar 2006

any ideas...?

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