Question about DriverMax scan results

  Pineman100 15:20 10 Apr 2009

Sorry if this question is rather long!

I'm preparing to do a full reinstall of Windows XP on a new hard drive. Today I ran a full scan of my computer with DriverMax with the intention of burning all my device drivers on to a CD-R, for easy reinstallation on the new system.

So far as I could tell, all of the drivers (dozens of them!) were found successfully, with the exception of one. The following is a report that DriverMax gave me against one of the drivers it listed:-

"Generic USB Hub, Date 7-1-2001, Version 5.1.2600. Not all files contained by this driver can be correctly extracted. DriverMax can create a detailed extraction log and save it to your hard drive."

I allowed it to create the detailed log, and it created a Zip file that contains:-


This is all double-Dutch to me, and my knowledge of drivers is sketchy, to say the least. So I have a two questions, as follows:-

1. If I fully reinstall Windows, then I assume that all generic USB drivers will be reinstalled with it - so this problem should be solved by that. Is that right?

2. If I reinstall Windows and then reinstall all the drivers from the CD I created with DriverMax, will the generic USB drivers that were installed with Windows be overwritten (and hence ruined!) by the faulty drivers on the CD?

Many thanks for any advice.

  Pamy 15:31 10 Apr 2009

How are you going to install windows and what version and service packs does it have?

WinXPpro should have all the generic USB drivers that is required.

  Pineman100 15:37 10 Apr 2009

You're being a great help to me, today!

I'll be installing Windows XP Home from a CD which I've slipstreamed with SP3.

  Pamy 15:40 10 Apr 2009

should be OK, but I dont know XP Home, perhaps others can comment?

  Graphicool1 15:41 10 Apr 2009

Are you going to reinstall Windows just to get the drivers, if so, there's no need. Go to Start>Run type in: sfc /scannow and have your WinXP disk at hand in case it asks for it. YOUR system will be scanned and any files and or drivers on the disk but not on your system will be replaced. Take note of the space between sfc and /
This doesn't mean that you won't still have to update drivers that are more advanced than what's on the disk.

  Pamy 15:42 10 Apr 2009

PS, if drivers cannot be extracted then they cannot be installed

  Pineman100 15:51 10 Apr 2009

I'm doing a full reinstall for a number of reasons - not just for the drivers.

The computer is nearly 6 years old and has never had a Windows reinstall - so you can imagine how clogged up with junk it is!

Since the existing hard drive is also nearly 6 years old, I'd rather replace it before it starts to show signs of failing - which it will do one day, tomorrow, in 6 months, in a year... etc. So I've taken advantage of a good deal on a new HDD.

As a bonus, I'm hoping that the reinstall will sort out some USB problems that I've been experiencing, which I guess have caused the DriverMax report.

Pamy - a good point! Thank you.

  Graphicool1 16:07 10 Apr 2009

When you say...
"As a bonus, I'm hoping that the reinstall will sort out some USB problems that I've been experiencing"
If you do a 'Clean' install it most definately will.

  Pamy 16:21 10 Apr 2009

some thing else for you to think about. If you just put your old HDD in as a slave and do not formatt it, all that is on it will be available to you, and you can still use any space on it for other stuff.

  Pineman100 16:29 10 Apr 2009

Graphicool1 - thanks for confirmation of that point.

Pamy - yes, thanks, that's what I was planning to do. Install new Master, reload Windows, install old drive as Slave, copy all my data from old drive to new. I was then going to wait a while to ensure that everything on the new system is working fine and nothing's missing. Then I was going to format it to use as a backup with Acronis TI.

  Pamy 16:40 10 Apr 2009

You did say that the reason for installing a new drive was because it was old and could go at anytime. I would suggest that you buy an external drive for your Acronis image, and only store short turm stuff on old ,now slave drive

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