Query on AMD XP2400 ,CPU temp?

  Effie 22:51 05 May 2003

Is the CPU temperature high on the following system?
I have a LEX BN790E(Jetway)motherboard. 266MHz FSB plus AMD heat sink fan, 256meg DDR Memory. The CPU temperature is 35c/95f Board temperature is 26c/78f. Fan speed 4963 RPM (win98se)

  powerless 22:57 05 May 2003

The temperature is fine.

  Effie 23:19 05 May 2003

Thanks for your info, but should have also said on my first post that this CPU reading was actually taken with 3 additional fans running in the casing. The original CPU reading was 104f( allmost 40C!)with only the CPU fan running.

  powerless 23:23 05 May 2003

Well 40C is also fine.

  hssutton 23:29 05 May 2003

Why bother with extra cooling if it only gets to 40c. At the moment my XP 2400 is running at 52c

  Effie 00:12 06 May 2003

Many thanks for your imput! The reason that I was so concerned was that I was under the impression that Athlon CPU's can have a tendancy to overheat resulting in loss of CPU and motherboard. This is my first system with this processor and I just want to keep the temperature under control.

In my BIOS there is a temperature shutdown facility , should I enable this and if so what would be a safe temperature to set it at please? Imput welcome!

  powerless 00:15 06 May 2003

Try 80.

  Murf 00:30 06 May 2003

I set mine at 60, apparently overheating shortens the life of the chip,even if it doesnt burn it out immediately.

  powerless 00:34 06 May 2003

If you go to click here it says the max temp is 90C

(Spent 20 mins looking for it but X'd my explorer)

  Effie 00:53 06 May 2003

Powerless, Murf, thanks for your input,
Powerless thanks for the link, Been there but could not find the info I wanted at first, but now I have got all the info for my processor.

many thanks to all.

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