A Query for all you audiophiles!

  toxin 22:46 07 May 2003

Transferring LPs And Casettes to CDs.
I find I get much better quality, in music terms,
from my Big Band records etc. if I write the disc using Nero at 8x as opposed to the 48x the drive is capable of; using 48x Verbatim or Intenso media.

The query I have is:- Does a slow write speed increase the durability of the CD?

Has anyone any knowledge of any reviews on the subject.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:03 07 May 2003

No....longevity of CDs depends on the quality of the CD and the storage of same CD.


  JFT 23:14 07 May 2003

Toxin the write speed of your CD burning shouldnt affect the durability of your Cds at all,you may be getting quality isssues due to buffer overruns. I find the best way to transfer LPs to CDs is to first copy them to mini disc and then load them onto my PC via an optical input and then use magix audio cleaning lab to remove any hiss,pops and crackles from the recording before burning to CD at 48X speed. I dont know if this helps but it gives me perfect CD quality recordings from not so perfect analogue LPs and Tapes.

  toxin 23:35 07 May 2003

Thanks Gandalf and JFT!

I to am using Magix audio cleaning lab, I find it does the job admirably. JFT, I am interested in your method, but do not appear to have an optical connection on my sound card, Do I need to upgrade the sound card, and if so what do you advise, bearing in mind that I'm a pensioner with limited means! I have a Denon HiFi system with CD Minidisk and tape recorder.


  JFT 23:43 07 May 2003

Toxin you can get almost the same quality by using line out on your mini disc to line in on your PC without much degredation on your recordings without having to upgrade your sound card as optical ins are featured on high end(and hence expensive) sound cards.You will still get excellent quality as long as you set your mini disc to its highest sample rate(ie not LP2 or LP4). Hope this helps!

  hugh-265156 02:09 08 May 2003

on my cd drive(about 10mts old) there is quite a noticable difference in quality in channel separation at lower speeds.selecting anything over x16 results also in a reduction too of lower and higher frequencies ie/sub/treble.have got the best results by burning at x2 and would recommend if playback on high end system and more so if your into classical. results not very noticable on most personals or midi systems ive found.obviously though depends on your set up and would say try different speeds and software and if you get better results using a particular setting/software use it.

  toxin 17:42 08 May 2003

Thanks to all for your prompt replies. I think you've answered my query, I'll stick with the setup I have and burn at 8x which seems to give me the best results.


  woodchip 17:52 08 May 2003

At slower speed, there is less chance of write errors

  The Spires 18:38 08 May 2003

My 10p's worth, beg, steal or borrow a decent quality turntable, hire one from a hi-fi shop for the weekend if necessary, this will make all the difference in the world, then copy your vinyl to Cd. This does not apply if your ears are painted on.

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