query about hardrives

  ©®@$ђ 17:54 22 Oct 2003

hi all, i have an abit kt7a motherboard and i have been trying to find out what the largest size hardrive(s) i can have connected to this m/b.

i currently have a 40gb hardrive installed, i would also want to install another hardrive possibly an 80gb hardrive

this brings me onto my other question

if i install the new hardrive (80gb)as slave, do i have to partition and format it so the current setup recognises it. i have xp with ntfs installed on the 40gb hardrive, so i would like the new hardrive to just extend the space on my system, or have it just for data. would that drive have to be setup with ntfs aswell? i don't think it should but not sure?

thanks for reading

  woodchip 18:01 22 Oct 2003

If you get Partition Magic it will do the work for you BUT READ the MANUAL

  ©®@$ђ 18:11 22 Oct 2003

quick reply thanks.

whats the alternative can i just put the hardrive in and partition and format it as fat32 through fdisk and just have it as data.just need re-assuring as i think this should work as ntfs and the fat32 will be seperate drives so shouldn't interfere with each other but will swapping data between the ntfs and fat32 cause any problems.

or can i juat boot the xp cd and do a quick format and partion on the new drive as ntfs, and have it setup as a data partition

qucik question about motherboards say if my motherboard recognises hardrives upto 80gb, does that mean i can have two hardrives at 80gb, or does it mean the capacity of all hardrives the motherboard supports are 80gb..


  woodchip 20:07 22 Oct 2003

They should work as separate Fat

  woodchip 20:09 22 Oct 2003

It means you can have drives up to 80gb one or two or on a promise PCI card even more

  AL D. 20:34 22 Oct 2003

from what i have read so far,it seems that hard drives above 20gig do have problems...unless you use the raid setup....click here

  ©®@$ђ 20:43 22 Oct 2003

do you mean they will be able to work along side each other as ntfs and fat32, or do they have to be both fat32 or ntfs?


also to anyone out there,do you know what the abit kt7a supports in terms of hardrive capacity.

there is a bios update for my motherboard which
Support up to 137GB HDD and above, does this mean it will support any seperate drive upto 137gb and above?

i have already updated bios to kt74a (an earlier version) but don't know what the max support is for hardrive, so if anyone does i would appreciate that info.

just adding to the above i know i can always update the bios to latest version but everything is running ok, so don't really want to go down that route unless i have to, just really need to know if motherboard is suited to support a 80gb and 40 gb hardrive together

sorry for long winded and repeated thread

  woodchip 20:45 22 Oct 2003

they will be able to work along side each other as ntfs and fat32

  ©®@$ђ 20:45 22 Oct 2003

thanks for input but that applies to the kt7 motherboard, mine is the kt7a, i am currently running 40gb hardrive without any problems, i'm getting broadband this week and will need more space.so new hardrive is a must!


  woodchip 20:46 22 Oct 2003

Fat is only the way a drive stores info data

  ©®@$ђ 20:46 22 Oct 2003

thanks i think thats what i'll do!

just need to know about motherboard now.

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