nutty norm 15:57 15 Aug 2008

I am thinking about upgrading to a new Computer, about 2 gigabites, i think will be Ok for me as i dont play games or download much from the Internet, i have been looking around, iwould like to keep windows XP2 which i am use to, so which is the best Windows XP OR windows home . i know one is more expensive but is it worth it ,
nutty norm

  Halmer 16:25 15 Aug 2008
  Halmer 16:28 15 Aug 2008

and it's fine for my moderate needs. based on waht you have posted it would be fine for you.

I've also had XP professional which worked equally as well.

  Batch 16:38 15 Aug 2008

XP Home will be fine.

If you're not into gaming or video editing or other heavy applications, then you'll find 1GB is ample with XP. Reportedly Vista needs quite a bit more.

I bought this (just system unit, keyboard, mouse and speakers - no monitor) for £130 + £10 delivery:

click here

and just installed XP myself and added 512MB. Does the job, no probs.

  nutty norm 10:40 17 Aug 2008

i am still thinking i might put in more Memory it says i can put in another 512mbin the computer (so crucial says )that would give me 1024mbs do you think its worth the upgrade, or shall stick to my original plan. to buy another computer nutty Norm

  wee eddie 18:30 17 Aug 2008

Buying PCs with Windows XP is becoming increasingly difficult and, relatively, more expensive.

As your PC will probably be with you for the next 4 to 6 years, then Vista makes more sense.

RAM is very cheap at the moment so go for 2GB and the fastest Processor that you can afford.

Don't be fobbed off with Quad Core Processors because most software struggles with Two Core Processors, and although Vista can use it as can most of the newest Editing Software, the rest don't.

  wee eddie 18:43 17 Aug 2008

Having re-read your posts I find a conflict with "upgrading" (that is giving the old thing a boost)and replacing with a New PC.

If you are Upgrading:- Keep XP and stick in a 1GB stick, as you already appear to have 512MB. That would give you 1.5GB and the old thing will positively fly along. The only thing to remember is that "All RAM works at the speed of the slowest installed, regardless of it's top speed" so you might as well get RAM that is as close as possible to what you have already, unless you plan to chuck the old stick.

  Batch 18:59 17 Aug 2008

Following on from wee eddie's advice, one caveat I would add is that updating your existing system is only worthwhile if it isn't TOO old.

If you say what it is (e.g. make, model, processor, hard disk size etc.) it might be easier to advise.

  nutty norm 23:39 17 Aug 2008

A reply to batch i am not very technically minded but looked up the Hard disc size it says 38.2 gb AMD Athlon XP 2400 + 1.99ghZ AND 736 mb of Ram. The computer is about 5 years old any more advise would be most helpful. nutty norm.

  wee eddie 04:53 18 Aug 2008

click here

It will tell you all you need to know. There are programs, out there, that tell you more but this is enough for most of us.

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