Quality of TV picture ?

  Furkin 19:00 14 Jan 2008

Hi all,
For the first time in my life, I wanted to watch a TV program on the computer yesterday (ITV Catch-Up). I thought that the quality of the video was appalling, so wondered what the answer might be ?
I run XP Pro + SP2 + Athlon 2400+ + 2gb Ram. With Nvidia 6200 (128mb DDR, TV, DVI)
The card is only a few months old - so I don’t particularly want to replace it yet (I will if I have to).
1/ Should I get a reasonable picture quality with this set up ?

2/ I was thinking of trying to record it to disc in the hope that it may be better when played on my Panny E55 and Tosh 36ZP48.
When I put in a DVD (RAM) disc to copy to, I kept getting a message saying to put a blank disc in. The one that I used had a 30min recording on it, so plenty of space left.

I couldn’t fathom how to copy to HHD either.
I use Nero & have only done a bit of copying CD’s etc.

Any help on either problem would be appreciated.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:06 14 Jan 2008

The one that I used had a 30min recording on it, so plenty of space left.

wouldn't be recognised by another DVD drive until finalised.

What sort of aerial are you using?
Unless you use main aerial instaed of small supplied one the picture is usually crap.

  eedcam 19:15 14 Jan 2008

Notwithstanding the statement about AE's I use a Hauppage TV card and the Pc is 4th down the line for the signal my graphics card is the same as yours and is perfect.I cant copy straight to dvd though but copying to hard drive is just matter of setting it to record . I take it your drive does support dvd RAM

  Furkin 21:05 14 Jan 2008

As it's a RAM disc, I didn't think it needed finalising. I could try a new one I s'pose !
Aerial ? I was watching it on B.Band (ITV-Catch-up).

Yep - I bought the LG GSA 4167B RAM unit as my Panny E55 is also RAM machine.
When you say "just set it to record" - can you explain further please ?

Incidentally, I downloaded the latest NVIDIA driver today again.

thanks folks

  eedcam 22:28 14 Jan 2008

As mine is tv card I am watching freeview the record function is built into the card so its just amatter of pressing record in my case

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