Quality photos with 5Mgpix Camera

  brindly 07:49 28 Jul 2011

I have already posted this on the Digital forum, plenty of views no answers so I thought I would try the help forum (where the brains are)

I need a bit of advice. I have the epson PX820FWD all in one printer that prints out photos at 4800X4800, they appear to be top quality photos. I can't fault them, I also have two 5MgPix cameras, NIKON and SONY, both in good condition and I am loath to replace them if a higher pixel camera will not let me produce better photos from my printer. Can anyone tell me if a higher resolution camera will give me better photos than from my 5Mgpix cameras.I have always believed it was down to the printer.

  muddypaws 08:15 28 Jul 2011

My first digital in 2003 was a 3 mp and gave excellent 6x4 prints and pretty good A4 size. With a higher mp you will be able to crop photos down to a smaller area and it will also give a sharper picture on your TV if you display that way. A 12mp should enlarge to poster size with little trouble. Provided the camera is set to the highest resolution that is. 12 mp cameras are so cheap now that I wouldn't hesitate. I think the cropping results would be where you would benefit most in normal day to day use.

  eedcam 08:39 28 Jul 2011

At the end of the day the printer is the limiting factor so at best bit of a enigma .If the new cam produces better? photos is the printer up to reproducing it .I think a case of suck and see . Personally I judged a scanner and printer using real photos and could I tell the difference twixt the original print and the new one, Alas Digital dont cater for that as to using a bigger MEg well at then moment your biggest print size is about 8x6 (you may be happy with bigger) so if you want more then go the higher meg

  Crosstrainer2 08:52 28 Jul 2011

think if I was in your position, and wanted a new camera, I would not let the restrictions of my printer stop me. Remember you can outsource the printing at reasonable cost's these day's.

I also have an Epson, and whilst it produces great results, it can't print in the very high resoloutions my camera's are capable of. I burn the required shots to DVD and take them to a print shop.

  woodchip 09:04 28 Jul 2011

5MgPix or bigger means the size you can print the Pictures at without pixsalation. i.e more means you can print the pics bigger. For better pictures lens is the most important thing to consider just like a old film camera A 2 meg will give good photo's but they would be smaller to look good

  woodchip 09:07 28 Jul 2011

Even the Best printer in the World cannot print what's not there, i.e a bigger pixel picks up more detail, but this is no good on a smaller picture as you would not see any difference as above when cropping picture's etc that's where bigger is better

  brindly 10:32 28 Jul 2011

What did I say about brains! What a response, thanks everyone. Surpisingly both my cameras can produce A4 photos without any pixilation and as woodchip says although they pick up more detail in the higher meg camera it won't show on the standard 6x4. It wasn't that I wanted a new camera because both mine are as good as new and I am not what you would call a photographer but I do take my cameras with me when we go out for the day to keep a record of interesting places now we are retired. I am afraid I have been one of these people who dive in on anything new and end up paying top money; only to see it at half what I paid just a few months on. Thanks for your input most helpful, I will muse over it and consider whether I need another camera.

\thanks again

  woodchip 11:41 28 Jul 2011

been one of these people who dive in on anything new and end up paying top money; only to see it at half what I paid just a few months on. yes that used to be me.

I am 75 not short, but its daft to throw money away just cos you got it. I was brought up to look after it. If I had millions I would not be much different from what I am today. PS

They say it's the one behind the camera rather than the camera. though a good camera will help, it will not make you a better photographer

  Confab 12:39 28 Jul 2011

You might find this site interesting link text

  orsta 12:55 28 Jul 2011

My father uses and Fuji Finepix S1600 camera and an Epson SX515W using third party inks all to good effect. So much that he wins a lot of competitions with the local camera club.

I still an old Minolta Dimage Z5 camera with an Epson SX420W Epson printer. To my aging eyes, I van not tell the difference in photo quality between my pics and my father's.

I suppose the moral of the story is, If it works, don't worry about it.


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