qQ for asnkyber

  chrisjohn 19:59 28 Oct 2006

Q for anskyber

sorry to interupt thread,but i like how you have your taskbar,how do you do this.Can you explain what you have done in ZA? Does it look like this? click here

  anskyber 20:16 28 Oct 2006

I think you mean with the double thickness of the taskbar?

Right click the task bar and unlock it. Move the cursor to the top , left click and hold the button down. move the cursor up and it will lift the taskbar up. re-lock the taskbar. When the task bar is inlocked you will see little dots which allows you to alter the areas available by sliding them along.

The quick launch area to the left is again right click and this time choose properties from there you can show quick launch area.

  anskyber 20:18 28 Oct 2006

Are you trying to post a link to this site like click here ??

  Technotiger 20:18 28 Oct 2006

Hi, first of all, I would strongly advise you to read this - especially scroll down to where it explains Forum etiquette:-
click here

As regards your question - to change your taskbar ... right-click on taskbar and untick Lock Taskbar. Then hover mouse over upper edge of taskbar and slowly drag upwards.


  chrisjohn 20:24 28 Oct 2006


  Vangeliska 20:26 28 Oct 2006

How many Forum Editors do we have here?

  anskyber 20:27 28 Oct 2006

click here and look in particular at the animation at the end.

  anskyber 20:37 28 Oct 2006

I understand why you have referred chrisjohn to the forum rules. I think on this occasion the poster may have thought it easier to ask direct given it was about a particular set up shown on a screenshot I had posted. With that said I quite agree the rules are there to ensure a reply could come from anyone who could help and I would be the first to agree with you on such an issue.

My comment is not confrontational I asure you.

  Technotiger 20:48 28 Oct 2006

Hi, no problem friend, simply trying to help out an obvious newbie - just like I was helped in the past - very distant past!


  [email protected] 20:53 28 Oct 2006

Judging by "sorry to interupt thread", I'm suspecting his intention was to post that in the thread that he saw anskyber's screenshot in; not to start a new thread.

  Meshuga 21:13 28 Oct 2006

Vangeliska, there is only one FE but in view of the fact that chrisjohn has sent 3 different posts addressed to individual members it can do no harm to point him in the right direction.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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