qosmioG20 No line out for sound?

  Llee 10:42 09 Jun 2005

Love the look and media functions but want to be able to play music through my amp & Speakers, no line out, is there another way to connect(Headphone line not good enough quality)? Or can anyone suggest a sexy powerful media laptop that does have line out?


  DieSse 11:11 09 Jun 2005

According to the spec, you have one audio output - for headphones or SP/DIF (presumably you select which in the software or BIOS.

This will (in standard mode) also be the line-out.

I don't think you will ever find a laptop with really high quality sound - the space constraints are too high.

What is wrong when you use the headphone socket that you say the sound is not good enough?

  Llee 11:29 09 Jun 2005

Thanks for your reply, but at the moment my sound system runs from the music files on my PC and I want to replace the pc with media laptop. I understand that a headhone output when run through top quality amp and speakers doesn't give very good sound quality. Just wondering if there is any other way to connect to the amp and get top quality sound.

  DieSse 12:22 09 Jun 2005

Use it in SP/DIF mode may be better.

But I'm not sure why you think the line-out/headphone socket on a specialised media laptop would be any worse than your existing PC.

  Llee 13:05 09 Jun 2005

Because it is designed for connection to headphones, which I'm sure it is fine for, I would like a decent sound output for connecting to a HIFI via a quality phono lead. I've read various reveiws which pick up on this problem, and have had problems in the past trying to connect to HIFI via a headphone output. I just wondered if there is any other way of doing it.
Salesman mentioned connecting via the scart socket, is this just sales talk?

  DieSse 13:15 09 Jun 2005

Salesman mentioned connecting via the scart socket -

I doubt it would be any different. You can't get any higher quality out than the sound chip can provide - and I doubt the sound chip in any laptop is going to be real "Hi-Fi" quality.

But as I said before - using it in in SP/DIF mode may be better than straight audio mode.

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