QDI Motherboard Kinetiz 7B IDE failure on 2

  bch8132311 19:38 08 Jan 2003
  bch8132311 19:38 08 Jan 2003

Can Anybody offer any suggestions as to a problem with the above motherboard it keeps failing to recognise the CDROM drive and boots up into safe mode I hav replaced the IDE lead for a new one and replaced the CDROM as well for similar but it still wont recognise the cdrom it was working fine before the only thing that has been installed as an extra is some memory which has been picked........?

Has the Motherboard failed on IDE 2 as the Hard drive is working ok on IDE 1.....Please help as its for my Neighbours son who is only 12 and he misses his PC

Thanks Brian

  3aspect 20:26 08 Jan 2003

found this on qdi's bbs,hope it helps,if not there is a link to have a longer browse yourself
The primary master/slave ide slot does not work. I have tried useing other ide cables but i have had the same problem with them. Now i can only use two hdd's and no cdrom. What am i supposed to do to get the primary slot to work?

My hdds are:
- 40gig fujjitsu silentdrive
- 40gig samsung
- 60gig IBM

Please try clearing the CMOS as described at: click here and then just go into the BIOS only for checking the CPU setting and then safe and exit. If it still does not work then it is unfortunately very likely a hardware defect which cannot be fixed and you need to contact the person or company you purchased it from for warranty exchange.

click here

  BrianW 22:52 08 Jan 2003

When you say the extra memory has been "picked" do you mean removed or selected? If not removed - can I suggest you try reverting to the original memory only to check the effect. I use this board and had all sorts of problems which turned out to be a (new) strip of ram. Didn't show as faulty but I only solved the problems by removing it. (Originally 256 of ram, second strip took it to 512 but now running securely with original 256). The other thing I have had to do recently is update the via 4 in 1 drivers. This was for a new video card but it has made the system more stable(wish I hadn't said that - asking for a crash!) Hope this of some help - another Brian

  BrianW 22:54 08 Jan 2003

I've just noticed stealth47's post - he lost use of his CD-ROM when he installed an extra 256 of ram - spooky coincidence?

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