Qbasic alternative

  saxman 16:11 15 Jul 2005

I have written many programs in qbasic which I use regularly. With the advent of improved PC's they are not very good,as the display is poor and printing is by a around route as the program does not see the USB port. At the moment I am using an old m/c running Win98 and my printer is an old Epson with an LPT1 socket. This obviously cannot be continued indefinately and I am looking for a modern viable alternative to QBasic. The programs contain mainly mathematical fla. and interpolate data from arrays

  mattyc_92 16:30 15 Jul 2005

I am not familiar with this program... What does it actually do? Is it like "Microsoft Visual Basic"?

Please post a screenshot for me, to help me understand what the program does, so I can try to offer you alternative...

  daba 22:28 15 Jul 2005

saxman - I see no reason why your Q-BASIC code could not be 'converted' (probably a manual job, as I don't know of any automatic conversion), into Visual BASIC.

In actual fact VB will open and try to make sense of the Q-BASIC program, leaving you only to debug/re-structure/re-design some of it.

Are they big programs ? How many procedures etc. and how much effort typing do you think it would be ?

Did you write these Q-BASIC programs yourself ? If you did, my guess picking it up again in VB would be relatively painless.

mattyc_92 - Q-BASIC was Microsoft's procedural BASIC language from the late DOS days, and needs DOS or a DOS-VM to run it. It was a fore-runner to the Visual BASIC that was created to run in the Windows GUI. Obviously Q-BASIC was a much simpler version of BASIC than todays offerings, but there are many similarities in the way applications are structured.

I could send you a sample prog if you like so you can see what it looks like - PM me.

  keith-236785 23:00 15 Jul 2005

liberty basic was a similar product to qbasic, i dont know if it what you need though as im going back quite a few years.

click here

dont pay for it though, look for a free trial to test it out.

good luck

  spargo 14:56 16 Jul 2005

Have a look at this click here

  Bagsey 15:13 16 Jul 2005

If my memory serves my correctly QBasic was the program that I taught myself using the Sinclair QL computer. If that is the case I converted the programs that I wrote for school into BBC Basic with very little trouble. There is a windows version of BBC Basic which may help. Though I have have never used it in anger. Now retired
:-))so no need

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