Q9450, 9800GX2, 8GB DDR2 MOBO PLEASE?

  FSX 14:45 02 Jun 2008

Hi all!

I am an FSX fanatic and run the Simulator through 4 cores and therefore have invested in the Q9450. I am also going to use the 9800GX2, with 8GB of DDR2 running either XP 64bit or Vista 64bit. Either or it will be a 64bit Operating System to take advantage of the 8GB of DDR2. FSX will use about 3.5GB of that and the rest will use up the other internal and external pieces of equipment I will be using such as Active Sky X, X Graphics, Live ATC, Skype etc.

FSX is one of the most demanding games on the market and I have been looking at numerous motherboards but am getting discombobulated with the compatibility issues. I have a budget of £300 for the motherboard.

Any help on the matter would be much appreciated?
Any suggestions on the rest of the set up feel free to add..

Graphics Card (will be using 9800GX2)
Sound Card
Power Supply
RAM (8gb of the fastest DDR2 please)
Processor (Q9450 quad)
OS (XP 64 or Vista 64)

From my browsing online and brain storming I have made a small shortlist of motherboards. You may not need to agree or disagree but any help and advice on the matter would be much appreciated?

ASUS Rampage Formula X48: click here
Gigabyte GA-EP45-DQ6: click here
Gigabyte GA-X48-DQ6: click here
DFI Lanparty UT X48-T2R: click here

I dont think I can wait for the P45 so I suspect the above 4 are the top end motherboards to handle a Q9450 and 8 GB of DDR2 (please don’t persuade me to buy just 4Gb) with the 9800GX2 on Vista 64bit.

I am also not going to wait for the GTX280, however , I believe I can upgrade to it in the future and it will be compatible with the above motherboards if I remove the 9800GX2.

Many many thanks in advance any help is much appreciated.

  The Brigadier 16:20 02 Jun 2008

Oh your being naughty now, is this the 2nd or 3rd forum your desperate for help from?

  FSX1 17:33 02 Jun 2008

The Brigadier yes I am a member of numerous forums. As I am spending £2000 ($4000) I would like as much admonitory abetment as possible.

  The Brigadier 17:42 02 Jun 2008

Just everywhere i see to be going in cyber space today their you are wanting people to help you with your goal, nothing wrong in that, but you may get conflicting advice, but hey if you get that, tough luck!

  The Brigadier 17:43 02 Jun 2008

a few of which you joined today it seems;-)

  The Brigadier 17:44 02 Jun 2008
  FSX1 17:55 02 Jun 2008

Absolutely today! I didnt say I didn't?

  mrwoowoo 21:33 02 Jun 2008

What makes the game one of the most demanding on the market?The system requirements for it are very modest.

  Why wont it work 02:20 03 Jun 2008

The motherboard won't make any difference really in regards to performance. You certainly don't need an X48, and Intel P35 or recent Nvidia or ATi chipset would do; so long as its Socket 775 (supporting quad core), supports 8gb DDR2 and has a pci-express slot.

No point spending too much money on a motherboard, since the Core 2 Duo is nearing the end of its life now anyway (meaning there won't be many upgrades available to you later on). (It's in it's final carnation at the moment). It's due to be replaced end of this year/ beginning of next.

  FSX1 04:44 03 Jun 2008

lol mrwoowoo that makes you a complete novice any reommendation on a PC Game. FSX is intense it takes 16 cores to run it on full graphics.

"What makes the game one of the most demanding on the market?The system requirements for it are very modest."

Another stupid comment: this is not a game this is a simultator. It is capabable of tunning 16 cores which I cant wait for the AMD Bulldozer!! I will be laughing.

For the rest of you get yourself a 4 core and fingers cross you will be ok.

  The Brigadier 09:13 03 Jun 2008

Is it not a bit off for you to slag another member of the forum off just because they dont share your view on playing a pc game?

Suggest you grow up!

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